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The Thrive Not Survive Business Plan was developed over years of growing our own business and coaching our team to success.

Downloading the business plan is only the first step!

Below (scroll down and bookmark this page) are step by step instructions to get the most out of your plan.

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How To Complete Your Ultimate Business Plan

(The Ultimate Business Plan PDF Includes Sample Pages to Help You)

1. Review Your Past 12 Months of Business

The most important step in planning is looking back on what you have done. Group your transactions by the source of the business. For example: Database Repeat & Referral, Open Houses, Door Knocking, Realtor Referrals, Profesional Referrals, Web Leads, etc. Use categories that make sense for your business. Next input the number of transaction from each source and the total about of income earned. Great job - you've completed the first step in growing your business!

2. Commit To Your Next 12 Months of Business

On the right side of the Business Planner page review each of your existing business sources and commit to the number of transactions you will complete in the NEXT 12 months from this source. While your at it - estimate the income you will generate from each source.

Adding New Business Streams: If you are going to add a new business source to your plan add it below and declare how many transactions you will complete and how much money you will earn from each new source. (Don't worry about the HOW yet - that's the next step)

3. Complete The Business Analyzer For Each Unique Business Source

Next you'll complete the Business Analyzer for each business source on your planner. This is where the rubber hits the road!

In the top box describe the systems you have in place to consistently generate business from this source. Include costs, touch points, marketing, and anything else that is part of the system,

The 80/20 Analysis is where unstoppable careers are made! Take some time and reflect on the business you generated from this source, and everything you wrote in the box above - then ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What parts of my system generate the best results with the lowest effort or cost? - Increase and duplicate these things.

  2. What parts of my system generate the least results with the highest effort or cost? - Remove, replace, or improve these things.

The last box is for innovation. There is a reason it's the smallest. Don't be distracted by shinny pennies. Pick 1-2 new improvements you are going to TEST with this system. Then my favourite part is to think about WHO can help develop this. A colleague, your broker, a friend from another industry, a webinar, the REDLINE team (hint hint) - there is an unlimited amount of information available if you know where to look and who to ask.

Don't stress if you find this step difficult - we can help you get clear on your business and develop repeatable systems.

4. Move Your Action Items & Projects Into Your Calendar, Processes, and Checklists

Improvement happened by DOING not thinking. Your plan isn't complete until you commit to specific action items for each improvement. Use the back of the Business Analyzer page to identify your key improvements. Then declare where each improvement needs to go (i.e. into a checklist, process, communication, marketing piece, etc).

For larger projects give them a name and a completion date. Pro Tip: Don't bite off more than you can check - focus on only 1 project at a time until they are completed.

5. Repeat Every 3 Months For Maximum Effect

This plan can be used at anytime in the year. Our most successful agents complete this process with the help of a REDLINE coach every three months to ensure their business never plateaus.

Last Word: The biggest mistake we see REALTORS® make is ignoring what's working in their business while chasing whatever new shinny tool the trainers and marketers are trying to sell us.

Use the 80/20 rule in your own business. Focus 80% of your efforts on improving what you already to, and 20% of your efforts testing and implementing new tools, systems, and technology in your business. Successful careers are BUILT not created.

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