Thrive Not Survive: Accelerate 2019

Thrive Not Survive Accelerate was our first event of 2019 and featured four speakers from across North America as well as two locally. TNS is our signature event for the Calgary real estate community and is open to all members of CREB.

MicroMoment: The Power of the New Year

I’m excited to be here with you all and to kick off the first moment of 2019!!

If you are at all like me I’m craving getting back to normal.  Don’t get me wrong the holiday season is like nothing else, but when you love what you do like I do, and we get to impact & help so many people with our craft I can’t but help but want to get back in the groove of it all.

Thrive Not Survive Episode #52: Jeff Thibodeau Interviews Kerri White

Today's show is episode number 52. We've got a little bit of a different format, going back to a couple of previous episodes. Jeff has done a series of top agent interviews, and he has three people from his network that he's going to be interviewing in a series. We're going to call this episode number 52, and it is Jeff who is interviewing Carrie White an agent out of southern California.