Thrive Not Survive Episode #52: Jeff Thibodeau Interviews Kerri White

Today's show is episode number 52. We've got a little bit of a different format, going back to a couple of previous episodes. Jeff has done a series of top agent interviews, and he has three people from his network that he's going to be interviewing in a series. We're going to call this episode number 52, and it is Jeff who is interviewing Carrie White an agent out of southern California.

Thrive Not Survive Podcast Episode #42 The Psychology of the Pitch

I had a good chat with one of our agents this past week and we talked about the dreaded close. You know, that conversation at the end of your presentation where you have to ‘ask for the business.’ I am going to start this podcast out by saying that if you have to ask for the business, you’re doing it wrong. I mean, if you have to use old school sales talk and objection handlers you haven’t done your job.

Thrive Not Survive Podcast Episode #36: Finding the Fire Within with Ryan Hodge

All right, we are live. Welcome to the Thrive Not Survive podcast. This is the show that we put together to help you the real estate agent put actionable strategies into place. To help grow and take your real estate business to new heights. I am your host Kelley Skar and welcome to episode number 36, with our guest, Ryan Hodge. We are calling this episode, ‘Finding the Fire Within.’ I just came up with that this morning, what do you think man?

CEO Micromoments: The Pace Car

I get excited at the end of Q1 honestly.  Why? Well first of all i’ve had time to let my plan get going for a bit (you know all that anticipation from business planning at the end of 2017 - well this was your time to get to work and make your plan become reality).  

CEO Micromoments: Until

Happy Easter Everyone! This is as close to an Easters edition as we will likely get here on the Micro Moments. Not only is this our Easter Edition but this the first micro moment of Q2.  I’m sure you are all ready to rock being all hyped up and filled on your kids easter chocolates, so let's get this micro moment started don’t we.  

TNS Podcast Episode #32: 30 Apps Every Realtor® Needs

All right. We are live. Welcome to the Thrive Not Survive podcast, a show we put together to help you, the real estate agent, put actionable strategies into practice to help you grow and take your real estate business to new heights. Today is episode number 32. It is also the new year, and we've got our first guest of 2018, my friend, Danny Wood. Thank you for agreeing to doing this, man.Hey, yeah, no problem. Thanks for having me, guys.