Thrive Not Survive 3: All 5 Presentations

Thrive Not Survive 3: All 5 Presentations

Session Two: How to Break Into the Luxury Market

Have you ever wondered how to break into a different segment of the real estate market? Namely, the luxury real estate market? It could be a tough one to break into, but we have you covered.

Join Darren Langille, CEO of Redline Real Estate Group, as he moderates this panel of top agents from across North America, they include:

  • Josh Rubin from New York City
  • Wendy Walker from Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Nick Nicjou from Vancouver, BC

This panel discusses what it takes to get started in the luxury market,  what high net worth individuals expect from a service perspective, and how to differentiate yourself from other luxury agents so that new client set recognizes you over the competition.

Make sure to watch the video above.

Session One: The Content Funnel with Jeff Thibodeau

The biggest problem with content marketing, especially when looking at the two biggest platforms on the internet (Facebook and Instagram), is competition. Only 2-10% of your posts are ever seen on either platform by your friends and followers.

How do you differentiate yourself in such a busy world? When it comes to content marketing you need to reverse engineer your content funnel. You need to figure out who your audience is:

  • Are they married?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Do they love to hike and be active?

Understanding your audience makes it easier for you to understand who it is that you are trying to attract to your content and ultimately, who you are trying to attract as a client or customer. 

Watch the video above to learn all about the content funnel.

Session Three: How to Build Your Brand in 2017

Building your brand in 2017 has never been easier, but why are so many real estate agents getting it wrong?

Join Teri Conrad of Agent Quest as she takes you on a journey of discovery, of how to establish yourself as a trusted advisor and establish yourself as an authority.

In the video above, Teri breaks down her top three pieces of advice for you on how to build your brand in a noisy online world.

Listen as she discusses the top strategy that most agents miss and get wrong. Her firm belief in building brand is built off the idea that Simon Sinek put forward a couple of years ago and that is to create such an amazing experience for your clients that they will continue to work with you time and again.

Listen to the video above and make sure to take action on putting your brand together in 2017.

Session Four: Increase Your ROI Through Your Sphere of Influence

In this session our CEO, Darren Langille moderates a panel of three top agents from the Calgary and Brantford areas.

Tune in and listen how these agents are able to pull 75-99% of their business from their SOI.

During this session, Darren digs deep into their businesses where they discuss:

  • How to bring value to your clients on a consistent basis
  • What type of content should you be putting together for new potential clients
  • How to attract new clients from your current sphere
  • And so much more...

Ultimately, you should have a plan to service your clientele, to ensure that they see you as their 'real estate advisor' much like they would look at a financial advisor or the manager of their bank when they need banking or financial advice.

Session Five: How to Follow up and Convert Online Leads Like a Boss

As Andrew Fogliato says:

Your leads aren't shit, your follow up is shit

In the video above, Facebook marketing expert lays out his number one strategy on how to properly market to and follow up with online leads. 

His strategies are proven to drastically increase your conversion rates of those online leads. So many agents, when confronted with only converting at 1% think they need to generate more leads to solve the problem.

Andrew will show you why that is not the solution to the problem and will take you through a killer follow up plan to help you convert at a much higher level. 

Watch the video above and get your pen and paper ready to take notes.

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