The Power of Accountability - CEO Moments with Darren Langille

The Power of Accountability - CEO Moments with Darren Langille

The inaugural episode!

My goal is to bring you value in a 10-12min discussion around our lives and business. Thanks in advance for listening (reading) :)

The Power of Accountability

The idea of accountability is not something new to Redline it’s been evident in our lives and business for a long time and driven much of our success at home and in in the office. I near miss in my car the other day brought the idea of accountability to the front of my mind in a very real way.

Sunday night I was driving home with my son - and as ashamed as I am to admit it - I was looking at my phone while driving. When I looked up there was a stopped car. I slammed on my brakes and luckily came to stop - but not before bumping the yellow jeep in front of me. No damage and the other driver let me off the hook. Phew. My son and were both shaken, relieved, and a felt an incredible sense of alertness.

The very next day I updated my iPhone and one of the new features turns off all notifications to your phone when it senses you are driving - so of course I enabled it. Then I was driving again and by habit (of course) I went to check my phone and it gave me a message that said I would not be receiving notifications while driving - my thumb was on the home button to unlock my phone and it gave me two buttons -  “I’m not driving” or “Cancel”.

It wasn’t even a question at all - the idea of clicking the “I’m not driving” button while I was driving was just simply something I was not going to do. My phone went away and I had a peaceful drive home.

This whole experience made me realize that every day we tell ourselves little while lies - “it’s not me that will kill someone while texting and driving” - in my case. This little lie is repeated over and over day in and day out - and the behaviours carry on too. 

The fascinating thing was - I could lie to myself - but when a third party asked the question (my phone - Siri I guess?) I was no longer willing to tell this lie - I gave into honesty.

So why am I telling you all this??

Well there are three things I thought about after I was home from my phone free drive.

  1. How many little white lies do I tell myself in my business day in and day to justify an action or more importantly an inaction?
  2. How many accomplishments or goals have my little white lies caused me to miss?
  3. What are these lies? (Tell the truth here)

As someone who is always looking to grow in my career and personal life I needed to turn this little life lesson into something I could learn from and hopefully for you can too.

This “third party” accountability reinforced the true power of accountability. We as humans have a tough time being fully accountable to our goals. Even more difficult as a Realtor without a ‘boss’ to keep us in check. Then layer onto of that in that we are sales people - sometimes we can sell ourselves on the idea that these little white lies are okay.

Here my final thoughts…

  1. What is the single biggest thing that you struggle to do in your business that you constantly brush-off or ‘white lie” your way around?
  2. How can you force a third party accountability (like the “I’m not driving button”)?

A little homework - write this down and send it to me or buddy up with an accountability partner and do this together.

To wrap this up - after the near miss in the car my son and I were feeling relieved and super alert. This feeling also happens when you have accountability in your life - you gain the alertness and awareness around whatever you are trying to achieve.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this - I know how valuable your time is and appreciate your spending a little of it with me.

- Darren

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