CEO Moments - The Power of Self Control

CEO Moments - The Power of Self Control

It always feels like it's been so long since I've done one of these. I don't know if it feels the same to you guys, but it does for me. It's like... it's nice to get back to these each time.

So, I'm not going to tell you the title of this one yet. I'm kind of going to drop it in a little bit later. So welcome back again to Micro-Moments. As you guys all know, I really treasure your time at the beginning of the week so I'll keep it pretty quick.

 But if you're like me, I'm pretty jacked up this week. Every time I come back from either a seminar that I go away to, like, back in the day with the Tom Ferry stuff, or coming back from a Thrive Not Survive, the next week, I'm just jacked right up. Fired up. I've got tons of energy cause again ... and just ready to take my business in drive this week.

 So I want some nods. Are you guys in that same boat? Awesome! So thinking about that, even if nothing else comes from all of the open TNS's and the insider's TNS's, if all that came from those eight events was getting you guys inspired, or us re-inspired as leadership and back into focus, I think that would be worth it. Right? If that's it, if we didn't even implement anything, but we got jacked up know, what is it, every eight weeks or so? That'd be pretty awesome. But, again, I'm off topic.

Back to the topic. Because of the fact that as we come back from one of these events and we're jacked up, today's talk, in my opinion, is really timely and very relevant. I'm assuming that each of you got a bunch of takeaways, took a bunch of notes, and even if you didn't it might have ... listening to the speakers might have triggered something to say 'oh yeah, I need to do this, or have written something down.' I find that I get just as many of those 'ahha' moments in my business than maybe the tangible thing the speaker said. So you just put it in your notes to remind yourself to do it later.

 I'm assuming your minds are spinning a little bit and again, like we just all agreed to, that we're all a little bit jacked up. So this is an awesome thing. This is why we continue to learn and put ourselves in areas that force us to grow, and environments like this, and challenge what we're doing.

 But today's topic is on the power of self control, or in other words, or ability to control our own attention. So I think I've referenced Darren Hardy a bunch before, but Darren Hardy is the publisher and chief of Success magazine. He has a quote that says, 'What controls your attention, controls your life' and then he further goes on to say that, 'Right now, in today's world, our ability to control our attention, is the absolute single most important skill that we have in today's fast paced world.' It's going to separate those who are on that success curve trajectory versus those who are on the failure curve trajectory. The noise that this world is sending to us, the media that's just flying at us, day in, day out...the single most important skill that we can learn is our ability to control our own attention.

 As a quick aside, you know I mentioned success curve and failure curve, and you might be thinking, 'Well, I'm not on either right not. I'm kind of neutral.' But, I'm here to just, unfortunately say, that's bologna because there's no such thing. Life isn't stationary. It's either heading in one specific direction, that's either up or down. Even if we feel like standing still, and that the world continues to move around us, and the world continues to move ahead, our competition moves ahead. So if we're in this feeling, 'ah I'm not quite sure yet. I'm not sure if I'm going up or down.' You're on the failure curve. That's the problem. But that's for another day.

 If you want to learn more about the failure curve and success curve, pick up the book The Slight Edge. The Slight Edge is a game changer. If you haven't read it before, read it again. And if you've read it, read it again. I'm actually about to take it out again because it's that powerful.

 But, back to the ability to control our attention, as Darren Hardy says, being the single most important skill we need to learn, I think this is even more important, for us here at Red Line. This is even more important for all of you, for all of us, because we're in this change maker world. We are a group of realtors that are perpetually driving our businesses forward and challenging ourselves to grow, to evolve, to stay ahead of the curve.

 I would think, as a collective, our group of forty to fifty, if you took any fifty out of any other brokerages, no way you've got a group that forward thinking as ours and as willing to put themselves out there as you guys.

So, yes, for us, the skill is even more important because we're the type of people that are on the lookout and we're choosing to push ourselves. So today, I want to lay out a few examples that might feel really real and relevant to why we may be getting caught up, or thus losing control of our attention. I hope...a couple little tips at the end, or reasons why we can train ourselves to refocus back to what we should do, and not be on this perpetual look ou

 I'm going to start with one of my own. And this one, this is one that is very really and has happened very recent to me around my ability to control my own attention. And it even falls deep within our leadership group right here. And my lack of self control had me spinning to a different beat for a moment and taking me away from my intentions and my goals.

 So, a lot of you guys have been following Jeff Thibodeau's vlogs, right? So we had this idea a little while ago to start one, so we did. And ever since then, he's been knocking it out of the park. He's been getting better at it and better at it. He has a message to share that's resonating really really well and filling a gap for many of us agents at Red Line, here at Calgary, Brantford, and even among a ton of our Tom Ferry connections around North America. It's pretty freaking cool.

So, the fact that I'm consuming this content isn't the issue at all. The content is spot on and we all should continue to watch for his next one, and the next one. But the issues is, it got me wanting to put out something similar. It was so cool, it was so attractive, I wanted to do it too. But the issue ... I wanted to pull of that same thing for whatever reason, ego, pride ... I just wanted to do that and have that much chatter, but pushed me to the point of wanting ... it pushed me all the way to the point that I told you guys about before Christmas. That I forced myself how to learn to edit videos and I took it to task on.

Now that's not the bad thing. Right, wanting to learn something new, that's not the problem. I push you guys to do that. I did do it. I learnt it. Now I can do simple edits and I'm grateful for that. But the issue was that it drove me to go down this rabbit hole of wanting to reproduce my own version of someone else's specialty. Right, no matter the time I spent on something like that, it wasn't going to be aligned with my goals or path. It wasn't going to be what Red Line needed of me as their CEO. But my inability to control my own attention allowed me to waste countless hours, Headspace, plodding and planning how I could do the same thing.

So it was only after many talks Jeff and I have weekly, little text threads, Facebook threads, that I finally had the self awareness to say, 'Screw that shit. Right, that's Jeff's thing. Go focus on your plan. You already have your plan written, go back and focus on it.' Focus on what you're best at and how you can best impact your own audience and your own goals.

 So that little story ... I think if we all sat back for a moment and thought about this, we could find many things in our own lives where we've gotten distracted from our own vision because of what others are doing. Maybe even more so, now at the beginning of the year when it's a new start again and we're seeing others in and outside of Red Line really trying a bunch of new things. Right? You see so-and-so's doing this. So-and-so's doing that. Or we just attended a seminar like last week, right? Or as CREB course, cause a lot of you guys have been taking those on. Or a webinar. Whatever it may be, there's these opportunity to ...we're seeings a lot of people pushing right n

So I have a few ... from my experience, of a few suggestions to help you keep control of your attention, if you're finding that this is something that happens to you once in a while. So number one is this. Some level of daily reflection and review on your goals. Whether this is a journal, a lot or you guys are journaling, or just reviewing your business plan, or even better, would be a visual goal board that shows you what you've decided to focus on.

I remember Jeff in one of his blogs. He talked about this one eight-and-a-half by eleven that everything for January fit on this page. Right? That was in his bathroom, it was in his home gym and it at his work. In all those places, you've going to be very easy to triggered to say, ' oh yeah, this is my plan that I decided upon and I'm not going to steer too far away from it.'

See, when we write our plan, and the attention is to reflect back on it often. If we don't it just because this exerciser that we did and we shelved. Not really something we planned to stick to. So I don't think any of us want to do that. We need to be accountable to that plan that we set in motion so you have to get back and you have to look at it. So that'd be number one.

 Number two would be some sort of mantra for yourself. A mantra, or a key work, or a phrase, or something that allows you to filter your decisions through. If you don't have your plan up and visual with you at all times of the day, which is probably the case, right? We get his with a lot of things as realtors that are one the go, then your personal mantra or your phrase allows you to self adjust your course correct on the fly. I think that's really important. Maybe something as simple as, ask yourself, 'Does this fit my plan? Is this taking me closer, or farther from my current goals? Does this action, activity, idea align with my plan?' Or maybe this one, 'Is now the time for this?' Right, that one's a big one. Is now the time for this.

 Number three for today guys would be learn to say no. Right? 'No' is easy as parents, as coaches, as teachers to say. We do it often. Our kids probably hate us for it, but oftentimes, as entrepreneurs, it's something we don't say enough. Right? The power of 'no' is really freeing and 'no' to me just means that you're actually in control. You're in control of your time, your restrictions, and that's extremely powerful.

 So as we debrief, still from TNS, be very critical of the time is now. Be very critical if that strategy is part of your plan, that you've already started to work on. Or should it be set aside for later. My gut tells me it's going to be something we should put into a future pile, not now. I think the stars would have to align perfectly that something would come across your plate, or that you've heard that would slot right it beautifully to your current month's plan. So don't get distracted by the shiny penny or by somebody else's successes. Stay focused and stay controlled on your path.

So, I'll wrap up today with leaving you with Darren Hardy's quote again, which is, 'What controls your attention, controls your life. If your life is going to be controlled by you, are you going to control your life, or are you going to allow it to be controlled by others?' I was again reminded that I am the author of my own journey, right? And I want all of you guys to be that as well. So that's my topic for today, power of self control. Hopefully that helped.

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