Thrive Not Survive Podcast Episode #51: A New Way of Marketing Yourself

Thrive Not Survive Podcast Episode #51: A New Way of Marketing Yourself

A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Your Message and Broadcast it to the Right Audience


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How to Craft Your Content and Messaging and How to Push it Out

I get a lot of questions asking about Redline’s growth trajectory over the last 18 months, not just here in Calgary but also in our Brantford office. People are amazed when I tell them that we have not made a single ‘targeted’ cold call out to agents at different brokerages. My business partner’s and I built great real estate businesses through grit, determination, some smarts and dedication.

What we didn’t do was cold call. None of us ever picked up the phone and sat down with the phone book and started smiling and dialing. We weren’t going to build our company that way either and so what I am going to talk about today is a way in which you can craft your message and send your content in a way in which people start to see you and your branding everywhere.

How to Craft the Message

Understanding your audience is key to this first step.

Who have you sold homes to in the past? Have they been young families? Seniors? First time buyers? Single men or women? Have you focused on one community or area of your city or town?

Maybe you have sold to all of these demographics, which is fine, you’ll just need to make sure your messaging is on point for each group.

Think about what a young family is looking for in terms of information. Or what those seniors are looking for. Build your content around those ideas.

For us it was easy, we are creating content for real estate agents to help improve their businesses, through email content, video content, this podcast. Identifying our niche was key because it allowed us to craft our message and make sure that every piece of content was put through one filter...that is...will it make the business life of the Realtor (our audience) easier?

Now...if you have multiple audiences you will need to craft different messaging for each, I suggest though that you start with only one of those audiences, test it to see if there is ROI there.

Right now, the ROI of email or Facebook content or Instagram content (especially when you are targeting past clients) is brand awareness through open rates, likes, email replies and comments. Don’t expect to get flooded with referrals, you need to create the conversation first and you wouldn’t start a conversation by saying: “By the way...I’m never too busy for your referrals”!

So to recap:

  • Understand your niche, your target audience, the demographic

  • What kind of content does that audience want to see?

  • What kind of consistency are you willing to commit to? Weekly, monthly, bi weekly what about daily?

The Mediums that you can Use to Spread Your Message

There are so many different kinds of media from:

  • Video

  • Podcasting

  • Email

  • Instagram and Insta Stories and IGTV (great example of one of our agents using IGTV well is Chris Mulders)

  • Blogging

The big trick here is tying all of these mediums together and so I will take this podcast and use it as an example.

When Jeff and I were first planning the podcast out we looked at the multiple mediums that we could use to get the message pushed out. We decided that we were going to do video and record each podcast. So what did that mean?

We had to decide on the platform to host the video, the platform to host the podcast, the platform to host the video, podcast and the subsequent blog post. We had to decide how to promote the podcast, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube?? All of the above?? Would we use email to get more listeners and eyeballs on the video?

Lastly, we had to decide on who our target audience was going to be, what our message and the aim of the podcast was going to be.

So let’s say you decide you are going to do podcast on your community and you are going to bring in local leaders and entrepreneurs as guest’s.

Your 1st step would be:

  • Determining your target audience and demographic

  • What the content is going to focus on will be directly tied to your demographic

  • What is the aim or the goal of the podcast? Is it to bring a sense of community back to your town or city? Why do you want to do that? Is it to become, as Gary Vee says, the digital mayor of your town? Someone that local business people and consumers will look to for advice? If so...great, you’re on your way.

Your second step would be:

  • How are you going to host the podcast? Is it a mix of video and audio? Is it just audio?

  • Are you going to shoot in person or go to their establishment or place of business?

  • What equipment are you going to need? Mics, cameras, editing software

Your third step would be:

  • What platforms are you going to use to host the podcast? If you’re shooting video are you going to host on YouTube and push to Facebook?

  • If you are doing both, are you going to push to a podcast platform like SoundCloud or Libsyn? Are you going to syndicate to iTunes, Google Play and Spotify?

  • Will you write a blog post around this and what platform will you use for the blog? Will it be a separate site from your real estate website? Will the blogs be posted right on your real estate website?

The last step in all of this is how to promote and that’s what I will jump into right now.

How to Get Your Message Found

Alright so there are multiple layers here and this is what I suggest, you set up a checklist the first time you push your piece of content out.

Here’s what it will look like:

  1. Shoot the video

  2. Edit the video (grab 3 pieces of micro-content that you can use to market the podcast)

  3. Strip out the audio

  4. Edit audio (if needed)

  5. Push video to YouTube and up to your Facebook page

  6. Embed the video on your blog and write the post

  7. Do some professional looking graphics for Instagram and Facebook, pieces that are easy to push out

  8. Push micro-content to IGTV as well as Insta Stories with links back to the original piece

  9. Push photos out to Facebook and promote the podcast through photos

  10. Push micro-content out to Facebook and promote through the short 30 second to 1 minute clips

  11. Run targeted Facebook ads to get your viewer slash listenership up

You should build out and have enough content that you can use so that even if you are only doing one podcast every two weeks or one a month, you have enough marketing pieces that you can use to promote that episode.

If you have an email list, likely of past clients, I suggest you begin to learn how to write effective copy and get away from using the Morris Marketing platforms of the world and start to connect with your audience through these different mediums.

I would be willing to bet that if you were to poll your clients you would find a large number of them listen to podcast’s. In that same poll (if you were to do some research before launching this kind of media) I would ask them what kind of information they would like to listen to. Would they be more willing to listen to a business podcast? What about a comedic podcast around your real estate experiences? I would be looking to do a little more research on it any kind of media you are looking to create, remember, determining who your demographic is and what kind of content they are looking for and what resonates with them is the first part of this podcast.

If you don’t have an audience, you are essentially talking to yourself, the focus on the content should be equally as important as the focus on the audience as the two are intertwined.

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