CEO MircroMoment: The Wheel

CEO MircroMoment: The Wheel


The Wheel: An Exercise to Help You Find What’s Most Important in Your Life

As a leadership group we are taking our unity to another level to provide a more robust training & coaching solution for you all.  I hope you are loving it!

Today’s topic once again I switched last minute, was sitting down to write one based on an experience I had but something even more relevant hit me that I wanted to share.

In the last month we’ve been exploring the conversation around our business planning.  We’ve been discussing the mindset around creating one, we’ve dove into the how to’s of creating one & worked through our Thrive Not Survive plan on a webinar for you, and then we’ve done in person 1 on 1 sessions along with group sessions to further dig into this.

But as we have just started the last full work week before many take some time off during the holiday season something else has come to mind.  Something I think we may have overlooked just a little bit.

Today’s topic is called the “wheel”

A few years ago when I was coaching with Tom Ferry as he was on stage he walked us all through an exercise, and that’s what I’m going to do today.

Take out a blank piece of paper…

Now draw a big circle, as best you can.

Now draw a line down the middle, draw a line across, and now make two more equally spaced lines making up 8 equal slices.

Now label each of them the following (just put the name on the outside of the circle for each slice):

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Spiritual

  • Knowledge

  • Family

  • Attitude

Next is to go through and rate yourself on each of those slices.  Do this by colouring in from the inside to the outside as much as you think you are succeeding.

So a full coloured in piece is a 10, then it just gets less and less coloured as you go towards a 0 in the centre.

Are we done?

Either way I’ll carry on and you can finish as I’m talking.

Alright, look at your drawing.  If you would be so awesome, snap a picture and email it to me at

Do you have some high points where you are doing pretty well?

Do you have some low points that have been neglected?

How many of you think if this wheel was rolling along the road it would be a bumpy ride….?

Yeah me too.

The Eight Elements of Life

This exercise i’m calling the “wheel” is meant to show us in all the 8 elements of our lives how we are maintaining the balance.

The bumpier the ride, I’m assuming the less sustainable your ability to maintain this life as it is today.  Something's gotta give, break, fall off.

So as we are accessing our last bit of 2018 and getting the final preparations for the new years, I challenge you that these other core areas of your life that are in need of work find themselves into the plan.  

Ensure that as you make your calendar, mark your calendars with the most important tasks coming in January, Q1 and beyond that you even things out as best you can.

How can you really succeed in life when you completely neglect major portions of it.  Maybe it's your health? If it is - trust me you can’t have a strong and long career with it.

If it’s finances, well what needs adjusting in order to support a promising career.

How are your relationships doing? What are you sacrificing here for something else?

I think you are getting the point...and we could go on and on with this but I know this visual is setting in.

In our business, our work is our life.  It's different than a lot of other careers.  Often times our relationships are built within it, our relationships benefit because of it, our health can thrive due to our flexibility, our family embraces it….etc

Is Perfect Balance Achievable?

Can we achieve perfect balance? Probably not, but I don’t think that's the goal.  

I think further to this, the goal is to have the awareness of where we are, where we want to be, and focus on being present to swing the pendulum back as it needs to.  

With your circle drawn...With the awareness of your current position.  

Round our your business plan, and turn it into a life plan.

Then go one step further, bring your most trusted people into it.  Ensure your spouse is in on it, your friends, even your leadership.   Understanding the full picture yourself and then the critical people in your life allows us all a more robust picture of the plan.  

In the book Game Changers I’m reading right now by Dave Asprey, law #2 in the book talks about saying NO, and he goes further to say we should not be “in search of who we are”, but we should be fully self aware and “dictate who we are / who we want to be” and in today’s case - what that circle looks like.

So as I leave you today - have a fantastic last week.  Don’t forget what #onemore can be achieved before it does get harder into the holiday season.

Round out your plan into a life plan & share it with the key people you need in your corner.

Let’s have a great week together

Thanks again for listening.

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