Episode #31: Goal Setting for the New Year

Episode #31: Goal Setting for the New Year


Set Goals for Yourself to Succeed in Business

I read Tim Ferris’s Five Bullet Friday this morning. As usual, it was awesome. The postscript was the best part of the email in my opinion as it really put together my ideas around goal setting for the new year.

It’s the end of the 2017 and this is the final podcast of the year, if you are listening to this in 2020, the principles will ring true then as it does today. Today we are going to define goal setting and how planning your business is different than setting your goals.

Goal setting should be divided into two columns: Personal and Business.

Now, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur or business owner to follow these principles, you could be working 9-5 in any sector and what I am going to talk about today will help you to layout what you want to accomplish in the coming year.

OK back to the two columns.

The first column, Personal could be split out into a number of different sections, my suggestion would be to have one goal per section.

The sections might be:

  1. Family

  2. Spirituality

  3. Health

  4. Friends

  5. Love Life

Now, if you listened to episode #29 with Dan Keller, we talked about these very sections in the Where are You Now Exercise, so they might sound a little familiar.

Use these as more of a guide to keep yourself on track and try not to have more than 1-2 goals per aspect of your life. You will find yourself working towards these goals but my wind up getting overwhelmed with trying to achieve all of them.

My personal goals for 2018 are very simple yet very specific they focus on family time, personal health and wellness and learning through reading and taking courses. I wrote them down in a journal, something I keep on my desk and something that is easy for me to pick up.

My goals for business really focus on only a couple of things:

  1. Money

  2. Marketing

  3. Organizing my work in and on my business.

These are also very specific and are broken out into 8 different very specific goals for the next year.

Your goals should be ones that you can attain, ones that will make you feel good about achieving them at the same time  there should be some goals in there that make you uncomfortable, ones that get you thinking outside the box about how to achieve them.

Your goals should be things that you can work on everyday, consciously and subconsciously. For me the subconscious is waking up consistently everyday at either 4:45 or 5:15AM and getting to the gym. The conscious in that for me is in eating healthy...the working out is subconscious in a sense because I have trained my body and mind over the last 11 months to go do the things I know I need to do in order to improve my physical health, it comes naturally to me. It took work to get to where I am with that. The conscious for me in 2018 will be to concentrate on what I am putting into my body for fuel.

Making sure I am planning out my meals. At this point in 2018, this will be subconscious for me as it will be a part of my life, but also something I know I need to continue to achieve my goals of providing a great example to my kids.

Ok...now to shift gears a little bit and get into the Tim Ferris email I mentioned at the beginning of this podcast. I am going to read the Post Script from his email and then chat about this afterwards.

Disucssion points:

Going through my calendar from 2017 would be an absolute mess. If I am going to put this into my routine, it has to be from the end point working backwards. To make it easy on myself I either have to make notes at the end of each week so that I can remember what happened or set notes in my calendar on the weekly so that I can go back to them at year end review time. Either way, this is going to take some work.

Getting rid of resolutions is a great idea, instead replace them with goals. Don’t be afraid to tell people your goals. If you are the type of person that needs someone else to hold you accountable, then find that person, be it your partner, a friend, a colleague, a work mate, whomever!

Your goals should define the kind of year that you are going to have, if you follow Tim’s advice and get rid of all the shitty people from your life the previous year along with all of the things that brought you misery, and now focus on the people and things that brought you joy and contentment, your next year should get infinitely better.

That’s all I got.

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