TNS Podcast Episode #32: 30 Apps Every Realtor® Needs

TNS Podcast Episode #32: 30 Apps Every Realtor® Needs


30 Apps with Danny Wood of

Kelley Skar:         All right. We are live. Welcome to the Thrive Not Survive podcast, a show we put together to help you, the real estate agent, put actionable strategies into practice to help you grow and take your real estate business to new heights.

                                    Today is episode number 32. It is also the new year, and we've got our first guest of 2018, my friend, Danny Wood. Thank you for agreeing to doing this, man.

Danny Wood:     Hey, yeah, no problem. Thanks for having me, guys.

Kelley Skar:         This is gonna be great. Well, first I'm gonna get into Dan's bio, and then we're just gonna segue into this thing 'cause I know he's got this full-on presentation. We're actually gonna share the screen, so if you're listening to this on iTunes right now, if you're listening to this on SoundCloud, shut it down, go over to our Facebook page,, or you can also hit us up on YouTube, so

                                    So we'll get into Dan's bio and then after that we'll segue into the session. So Danny Wood is a public speaker for major conferences and global brands. His focus is on marketing and technology, from generating leads to lead follow-up, and after-sales systems for repeat and referral business. He currently runs Brokerage Nation, a collection of 100 real estate offices and 6,000 plus agent who are enrolled in his online training programs.

                                    Along with that, he has one-on-one coaching service helping realtors implement the systems and services he speaks on. Today's episode is 30 apps every realtor needs.

                                    Now, I'm sure it's not just applications, right. Are we talking pieces of software as well?

Danny Wood:     Yeah, it's mostly software.

Kelley Skar:         Mostly software. Okay, cool. I know that there's probably gonna be a few things that I'm gonna know about, but there's probably also gonna be 27 other things that I don't know about. Knowing you like I know you, mister technology over here, so we're gonna segue now. We're gonna let Dan show his screen, and we're gonna jump into this whole thing and let Dan take over the podcast today.

Danny Wood:     Perfect. Thank you for that, and I'm actually gonna speak in a way so that the people who are listening don't need to rely on what I'm visibly showing you on the screen. So if you are listening, stay tuned. You'll be able to follow along. In the show notes, we're gonna have a link that has all of the technology that I'm talking about already typed out for you with the direct link to get that program. So I'm gonna give you guys to add to the podcast.

Kelley Skar:         Awesome.

Danny Wood:     And if you're wondering why it's so dark where I'm at, it's 'cause I'm in Florida right now, chasing the sun. And there's a bad storm and we have no power, and the water froze this morning.

Kelley Skar:         Oh, boy.

Danny Wood:     So that's what I woke up to deal with. So there's no power. There's no lights on right now. I'm doing this in the dark.

Kelley Skar:         Crazy.

Danny Wood:     But, with technology, I am able to still do a screen share with you, which is awesome. So let me share my screen.

Kelley Skar:         Right on. Let's fire it up.

Danny Wood:     Okay, you can see my screen okay?

Kelley Skar:         I can, yeah.

Danny Wood:     Perfect. So there's a website, if anybody's listening, and I'm gonna share ... I already shared the link with you through Facebook, but it's And that already has everything typed out for us to go over. So that's where all the names of the programs I'm about to talk about and the description and the short links to each one of them,

                                    So I started in 2007. I set up a team. And I set it up in a way where I didn't meet the clients or show the properties. And then I ended up starting, and I now do group coaching.

                                    So this technology that I leverage has allowed me to be able to hit the road, and we're doing a three-year road trip, just checking off a bunch of bucket list items. And I can still work remotely.

                                    So the technology that I'm about to share with your agents, last year helped me get over 20,000 leads. I average about a 30-hour work week, so they're very comfortable work days. And the ability to travel and work remotely. So about today, I wanna share with you the technology that I use to make that happen, the ideas on how you can leverage it in the real estate business, and then I wanna give you all the links as well at the end.

                                    So these are a lot of programs that I'm about to talk about. So I'm kinda gonna do like an overview of what is it and how can you use it in real estate. I'm not gonna go so far as a hands-on tutorial on how to set the thing up, because we've only got about an hour.

                                    So the very first one that I suggest is this. It's called So we can get nickel and dimed to death in real estate, where it's 50 bucks a month, 50 buck a month, 50 bucks a month. And all of a sudden, three years into the business, you got like $1,500 worth of expenses and you don't even know what's going where. So AppSumo, what they do is ... Have you ever heard of Groupon, where they email you a massive deal about something happening local in your area?

Kelley Skar:         Yeah.

Danny Wood:     AppSumo does the same thing, only they do it with technology. And so they'll email ... I think it's twice a week, at least once a week. So once a week, maybe twice a week, you'll get an email from them with a crazy, crazy deal. And you have a short period of time to buy into it.

                                    Now, if you do buy into it, usually it's a lifetime membership for a flat rate. So instead of me paying 50 bucks a month for all these programs, I'm paying 50 bucks one time for life.

                                    And so I don't buy everything that AppSumo emails me, but I do pick up a lot of the things that they do show me, and really, really good deals. So if you use that link, register with your email, you'll just start getting the AppSumo deals emailed to you, and then you could choose then if you wanted to buy one of the programs. But that's totally where I would start with that.

                                    Okay, so the first program that I wanna cover is CallPage. The link is So this is a really cool tool. It adds a pop-up on the bottom of your website so that when consumers looking at your website, it will pop open and say, "Would you like to receive a free callback within 28 seconds?" And the people would enter in their phone number, and then my phone would start ringing, and I would be calling that lead directly. So you could have the message say whatever you want. You could say, "Book showings today on our listings," and that would be on all of your listings.

                                    And the people don't actually ... It's funny, 'cause they wouldn't pick up the phone and call you, but they'll fill in their phone number on this little pop-up, and now your phone is ringing, so it's the same thing. And I'd say of all the leads that you can get online, the best lead is the one that actually calls you or that you have a voice-to-voice conversation with.

Kelley Skar:         Right.

Danny Wood:     So CallPage, that program is amazing. I'm getting a ton of calls from that every day. I get at least one a day. So one to four a day is like my average, but-

Kelley Skar:         Wow.

Danny Wood:     ... shoot, even if I had four a month, it would be the worth the cost of the program because those conversations, I'm able to convert them. The other program is Intercom. So Intercom is a tool that allows you to add instant chat to your website. So instant chat is ... A lot of you have been on a website and it'll have a little person on the bottom right and it'll say, "Hey, can I help you," and then you can be like, "No, it's okay, I'm just looking." And it gives the consumer the ability to engage without filling in name, phone number, and email. So I discovered about instant chat technology back in the day when it was called Zopim, I think it was?

Kelley Skar:         Yup, yup.

Danny Wood:     Yeah, and so that was around 2008 or '09 when I got onto those guys. I was at a conference in California, and as soon as I heard about the program, I left the conference and went back to my hotel room. I set it up. It took me like four hours to figure it out and set it all up properly, but by dinner that evening, I had 16 chats, 16 real-

Kelley Skar:         Wow.

Danny Wood:     ... conversations, and I'm like, this is unbelievable. And it's because again, people don't wanna give you their name and phone number just to ask a question.

                                    You can also have it pop up on specific pages. So, for example, if you have an open house page or a listing page. I would have it on my seller page, it'll pop open talking about sellers. On my buyer page, it'll talk about buyers. And you can program it based on what URL they're looking at.

                                    So if you look at your website and you look at the listings on your website, usually when you're looking at that, the URL will include the city that you're in or it will include the number of kitchens, or it will include certain parameters within the URL. So we programmed it based on the URL, that if it was ever a duplex, it would pop open with a duplex message. If it was a townhouse, it popped open with a townhouse message. And it was automated.

                                    Now, the problem that people have with these instant chat tools is that they set them up on their website, but they don't actually put them on their phone. These instant chat tools are cool, but you have to actually be there on the other end, and you got seconds to answer these people. If they ask a question and you don't reply back within 10 seconds, they've already given up on you. So if you do install something like this on your website, just make sure you do put it on your phone and that you do turn on notifications.

                                    Now, both of these programs, the instant chat one and the phone one, they're great, but only if you have traffic. So if you don't have traffic, I wouldn't install either one of these because you're not gonna have any pop-ups, right?

Kelley Skar:         Right.

Danny Wood:     But if you do have traffic, definitely take a look at that. Now, if you do have traffic, you 100% need this program, And this program right here, it's converting 8% of all of our organic traffic. So if I send 100 people to my website, I'll get eight of them giving me their contact info because of this program. Have you ever been to a website where, when you go to that website, it pops open with a big message to like our page or subscribe?

Kelley Skar:         Yeah.

Danny Wood:     Yeah. So it does that, but not annoyingly. So it won't pop open until they're already leaving. So they can go onto my website, they can look at all of our listings, they can watch my videos, they can fill in and register on forms, they can be there for a half hour, nothing happens. But when they go to close the browser, hit the back arrow, or change the URL, then it pops open. And we would have a pop open that says, "Hey, wait. You don't wanna miss out on tomorrow's new listings. Easily subscribe by email today."

                                    And then we just start getting the people's emails. So we're only popping up on the people that are already leaving anyways. It's like one ditch effort, and you might as well try to do that.

                                    GoSumo,, they have about five programs. You only need to worry about two of 'em. This one that has the pop-up is called the List Builder. The other one is called the Smart Bar. The Smart Bar puts a call to action on the top of every page of your website.

                                    So again, we have a call to action that says, "Don't miss tomorrow's new listings. Easily subscribe by email." And so that's at the top of every page above the banner, above the logo, above the pretty picture of the real estate agent we have the call to action. 'Cause a lot of people, they'll have these big, huge banners on their website that look really pretty and they're very flashy, but the consumer has to scroll down to get to the content, and then they have to scroll down even further to get to the contact form. So this puts basically the contact form above the fold, organically, on every page. So we're getting 8% with that. Awesome, awesome tool.

                                    I have a love-hate relationship with them. Yeah?

Kelley Skar:         So you're running off of WordPress or some other-

Danny Wood:     That will work with most websites.

Kelley Skar:         It will, right? Okay.

Danny Wood:     Yeah, most agents have templated-based websites. It'll work on that. If your website will allow you to add Google analytics or a Facebook code, then you can add this.

Kelley Skar:         Okay.

Danny Wood:     Yup. Speaking of websites, Weebly, W-E-E-B-L-Y dot com,, or Weebly, I'm not sure how to say it. That's a free website builder. It's drag and drop editing, and of the 20,000 leads that we got last year, 16,000 of them came from a free Weebly website. So people think that we have to be spending a fortune on custom websites. We got 16,000 of them from this free website.

Kelley Skar:         Wow.

Danny Wood:     So it's just drag and drop editing, and we use it to make our own custom landing pages. Really, really cool. If you check out my YouTube channel, DannyWoodVideos, on YouTube, and then search Weebly, there's a whole tutorial that takes agents through how to create three landing pages - a buyer page, a seller page, and an open house page, for free, from scratch.

Kelley Skar:         Awesome.

Danny Wood:     So if agents need a website or landing pages, I suggest that. Another program that we are using is called Zapier. The link for it is, ZED-A-P-I-E-R. And that specific link gets you 100 free Zaps a month.

                                    Now, Zapier's a really cool program. This was my first automated assistant. Back in the day, I would get leads from our franchise, I would get leads from my own personal website, I would get leads from classified ads, and I would get leads from the MLS. And when these leads came in, they would come to my email and I would have to then copy and paste and put them into Top Producer, or copy and paste and put them into whatever I'm using.

                                    Well, with Zapier, you can automate that, where it will scrape your leads from the different sources and then put them into a bigger bucket. It actually works with over 750 different programs. So whenever I'm considering a piece of technology to add to my business, I'll go to Zapier first to make sure that it works with it. And if they don't, I'll find out who their competitors are that do, 'cause if a company doesn't work with Zapier, then it doesn't work with me because everything needs to be integrated. And Zapier is that key that integrates a lot of things on the backend.

                                    So if you go to Zapier and scroll down, you can just look at all the different programs that they have. So a couple examples would be, you could say, "For every email that I get to my Gmail, automatically add them to a MailChimp list." Not that you would mass email people, but you could create that rule that every incoming email, it will automatically build an email list for you.

                                    Or you could say, "Every email that I get that has an attachment, save that attachment to my Dropbox." And you can create all these different rules, and what happens is like a timeline, and every 15 minutes, Zapier will check to see if any of those triggers happened, and if they do, then it will do the work for you.

Kelley Skar:         Yeah, that's amazing. A lot of agents don't realize that email marketing is not dead, that it's still a major, major, key component to continually staying in contact with your client base. And utilizing something like Zapier ... I've used Zapier in the past and absolutely love it. Utilizing something like Zapier and pulling that person's email address into your Infusionsoft account or into your MailChimp account ... You know, automatically building that list right away, I mean, it's absolutely brilliant.

Danny Wood:     Yes, totally. Oh, speaking of the email marketing. You could also say, "Every email I get, put it into a CSV file." So if you were creating this long, ever-growing CSV file of email addresses, you could then take those email addresses and then do Facebook marketing based on that as an audience as well. So you can take the emails, not just to do a mass email blast to them, but you could do other marketing based around that email.

Kelley Skar:         Right.

Danny Wood:     But the big one for me is taking it out of one program and putting it into another. I'll be like, "Okay, we got a new seller lead today, so automatically add them to my BombBomb account and send them this seller video." So I could create these different drips using different programs that I have.

                                    Speaking of databases, a lot of agents ask me what I use. I personally use Infusionsoft, but it's not cheap. It's like 500 bucks a month, roughly. And so for a real estate agent, I would say whatever database you use is the one that you should keep 'cause they're all pretty much the same. You're gonna hate them all. But Agile is free. So I have a link here, it's That is 100% free. I think it's 10 people, so for you and nine of your team members, you'll have a free database.

                                    They do have paid versions of it. It starts at $8, I think, $12 and $29, and then $49. I'd say most agents will be good with the free one, the $9 one, or the $29 one, depending on what bells and whistles you want. But it is really cool with ... First, it integrates with Zapier, so that's a win right there because then you could automate a lot of your marketing.

                                    You can do your email blast. I have a call center. I hire people and they do cold calling for me. And we're using this, Agile, and it pulls up the database and then they can dial all the phone numbers directly through the database, add the notes, they can send text messages, and everything. It's really, really cool.

                                    So yeah, I'd say take a look at that. It's free-

Danny Wood:     Yeah, free, and then the regular one is 29 bucks a month. So I mean-

Danny Wood:     ... pretty, pretty affordable. Now, talking about outsourcing, I do a lot of outsourcing. I've been outsourcing since, again, 2008, 2009, roughly. Whenever Tim Ferriss' book came out about the four-hour work week, that's when I started outsourcing.

                                    And I started using a company, they were specific to real estate. I hired them and then they gave me the virtual assistant. But I discovered that they ended up keeping 50%, and we were already paying them pretty much next to nothing anyways, so I didn't feel good about that. So I just started hiring my own people and then giving them the full money.

                                    So I hire people through Upwork, U-P-W-O-R-K, So Upwork is where I spent probably $30,000 on Upwork, and I outsource anything and everything that I can. So I have a pretty big business, but I don't have a large team. I used to hire people full-time, and I don't anymore. Now what I do is I hire them piecemeal.

                                    So I have a writer in Australia, I have a couple callers in the U.S., I have some admin in Canada, a web guy in Egypt, and some basic admin in the Philippines. And oh, the designer's a designer in the Philippines too.

                                    So when I have design work needed, that's when he's getting paid. It's per job, it's not per hour. So if I don't have any jobs for him, he's not twiddling his thumb asking me what's next. There is nothing next. It's just whenever I give you the next job. So it really reduces your overhead when you start paying people per project and not per hour.

                                    Also, my first mistake was I hired a virtual assistant in like 2008 or whatever, and her role was to do everything - design, writing, admin, like whatever I didn't wanna do is what she was doing. And that wasn't her strong suit. Admin was her strong suit, but the design wasn't, right?

Kelley Skar:         Yeah, I think that's one of the biggest mistakes realtors make, is thinking that they can go out and hire somebody at $15 an hour and not realizing how much time they actually have to spend with that person to get them up to speed with their business and then training them all the way through, right? This isn't just a one and done. It isn't, "Here, take this and do this for me." It's, "Take this, do this for me, oh and by the way, I have to show you exactly what it is that I want done," right?

Danny Wood:     Totally.

Kelley Skar:         Whereas with these guys, you can just hire the professional, tell them what you want done, and you know full well that you're gonna get what you asked for.

Danny Wood:     Right, yeah, absolutely. And if any of the work is repetitive ... So like design work is very conceptual, so that doesn't count. But anything that's repetitive. So say I needed somebody to go into my database once a month, pull off a certain list of contacts, and do a mass email. Every month, that's the same system.

Kelley Skar:         Right.

Danny Wood:     So when I'm hiring somebody to do that for the first time, they also have to document screenshots and written instructions every click of the way. So the first time I hire a person, it's not just to do the job. It's also to document the job along the way. That way I have a written tutorial to give it to the next person in line, or for they themselves to rely on in the future.

Speaker 1:            Right.

Danny Wood:     So that's pretty key.

Kelley Skar:         Beautiful.

Danny Wood:     So you can outsource for anything, like your feature sheets. So my very first thing I posted on Upwork was, I'm like, "Man, every time we get a new listing, I have to create the feature sheets, I have to create the write-up, I have to create the blog, I have to do the Facebook ads, I have to do the video, I have to do the classified ad, I have to do the print ads, I have to do all these things for the just listed. Then we have to do all of that for the open house and the just sold." So that's three different versions, times like six or seven different medias.

                                    So I posted on Upwork for somebody to create me templates for each of those, and when I hire people, I'll hire three people all to do the same job. So I'll hire three virtual assistants to do the job, I'll pay them all, even if two of them are crap, but I'll know at the end of it that one guy or girl did really good, so going forward she's gonna get the rest of the work.

                                    So I'll hire three virtual assistants, all to create a template for me. The person who does the best now has that template saved on their computer, and now when we get a listing, all we have to do is email them the photos, description, address, and price, and then all of that marketing is done. They do the just listed, the open house, the just sold marketing material for Facebook, our classified, our blog.

                                    They do all of it for like a flat rate of 20 bucks. Whereas if I was to do that and create it, or somebody in-house was to do it, it's probably ... It should realistically take you like an hour and a half to create all that marketing material.

                                    So for the blog, for example, I wouldn't have them actually blog for me because they're not that good when you're outsourcing really cheap. But what I would do is I would have them go to our local newspaper online and twist articles into a real estate conversation. So say our city hall got $1 million statue for some reason. Then we would be talking about how cool it is, our city now has a $1 million statue, it really elevates the status of the city, what else in Oshawa can you buy for $1 million? Take a look at these luxury homes for sale in Oshawa and then that would link to our listings of luxury homes.

Kelley Skar:         Right.

Danny Wood:     So they would take these stories and twist them into a real estate conversation. There's a golf course that has wheelchair accessible golf carts so that people who are in a wheelchair can get into those golf carts, they can drive around and press a button and it will stand them up so that they can swing and hit the ball. Press a button again, it sits them down, they can drive back around. So they can play golf even though they're in a wheelchair.

Kelley Skar:         Wow.

Danny Wood:     So we're like, "Wow, how empowering is this? And if this of interest to you, then you might also be curious to see homes for sale with wheelchair accessible homes for sale with ramps, lifts, and elevators." Or something like that.

Kelley Skar:         Right.

Danny Wood:     And so that's like an article that we could twist into a real estate conversation. So when these people do the blogging for me, they're not actually posting the blog. They're just saving a Word document for me and then I'll polish it up and I'll do the posting.

                                    So they'll write up four or five blogs a week and I'll pick maybe one or two of them. And just pick the ones that I like. But it's better than staring at a blank screen. They did 80% of the work and then I just have to polish it off with my local knowledge.

                                    Editing video, obviously you shouldn't be doing any of that. Prospecting lists is a huge one. So just listed, just sold. If you can do expireds in your area, I don't think any of Canada can, but maybe in the States you can. So anyways, creating your prospecting list is one of the biggest hurdles and reasons for why agents aren't picking up the phone is because it's too much effort.

                                    So I would hire somebody to create my prospecting lists for me. And then you can also outsource anything to do with your database and cleaning it up.

                                    So outsource as much as you can. I outsource everything. Basically, I spend one hour of my day quarterbacking what all my virtual assistants are gonna do tomorrow. And so my one hour today turns into eight hours tomorrow. And tomorrow I'll spend another one hour and that turns into eight hours the following day. So it's like the best use of your leverage. So I'm always quarterbacking all these little bits and pieces so my designers got the design stuff, and then tomorrow he finishes it. So now I'm gonna get it off to the writer, and then the landing page person. So I'm like the quarterback, is how I look at it.

                                    And you just kinda gotta ... sometimes you have to spend the time to work with them on it and share a screen and do the work. Sometimes if you wanna do the work right, you gotta do it yourself, and if that's ever the case, I will do it. And I'll record my computer screen and I'll explain why and how. That way, the virtual assistant who's doing it has kind of a tutorial for themself.

                                    Now, if you are outsourcing, or you are an agent in today's world, you have a lot of passwords and you gotta share your username and password to somebody you don't know halfway across the world. And you use the same username and password for absolutely everything? That is crazy. So take a look at LastPass, LastPass is a tool that we use. It's really cool. I can have a team of people and I can assign who on that team has access to what of mine.

                                    So I could say, "Okay, my admin girl, she needs access to my Facebook, she needs access to my database, and she needs access to something else." When she's on her computer and goes to log in to my database or my Facebook or whatever, it will automatically log her in and she won't see the username and password. She has one username and password. That's her master password. And if she was to ever leave the organization, I could just remove her role and all my passwords stay intact. Plus, she never saw them to begin with because it just automatically added them.

                                    LastPass is free for people to use as a consumer, but if you want to use it how I do, where I have a team of people, I think it's $20 a person per year. I think.

Kelley Skar:         Awesome.

Danny Wood:     I'm not sure on the price on that. But another tool that I use, Trello, T-R-E-L-L-O. So if you go to ... Again, we're gonna give you the links to all this in the show notes so you can just click on it.

                                    But Trello is an interactive board. So it's basically like my virtual filing cabinet. And the problem that I find with Dropbox and OneDrive and all these online file storing things is that's all it is. It's like the photos are in there, mixed in with the documents mixed in with ... Like everything's just jumbled together. You can kind of have a hierarchy of folders, but that's about it.

                                    But with Trello, you can actually have what's called as a card, and on that card, I can put all of my contacts' notes, I can put a checklist for that particular project or person or task, I can have due dates, I can have team members assigned to it, I can have all of the files, so if we have the contract for the client, we have a copy of the MLS, and we have all the photos for the listing, all of that can be on one card. And then on Trello on my phone or on my computer, I can just go and search the name of that client, and it will pull it up, and all of it is together in one spot. It's not thrown all over the place.

                                    So I use this for looking at my projects that I'm working on. It also has a checklist, so you could have a coming soon checklist, a just listed checklist, a just sold checklist, and you can have all your checklists pre-built and assigned to different team members.

                                    And it's 100% free. I've been using this tool for years. It's one of my most used tools. And this is the tool that I use for quarterbacking all my virtual assistants 'cause every task that I assign is considered a new job. And within that job I'll assign different virtual assistants and instructions, and I can pass it between them so that it goes to the designer first, then it goes to the writer, then it goes to the tech person. So I can just pass it along the line, and everybody has access to it, totally for free.

Kelley Skar:         Awesome.

Danny Wood:     BombBomb. So if you use this link,, that link there in particular will give you ... it's a 90-day challenge for free on using BombBomb. BombBomb, what is BombBomb? BombBomb allows you to record from your phone and send a video. If any of the agents listening have ever tried sharing a video from their phone, it's like a nightmare. The file is too big to send, the quality gets diminished, it doesn't even get delivered. It's a huge nightmare.

                                    With BombBomb, you could record right from your phone, and after you're done recording, it basically says, "Where do you want to email it," or, "Who do you want to text it to?" And all you have to do is type in the phone number or the email, and it will deliver it. So it's cloud-based, it's a really, really cool program.

                                    I use it for lead follow-up. When we get internet leads, we'll get an internet lead ... So I'll just pretend. I'm gonna pretend this is my phone here. So when I get an internet lead, the lead will have the agent, the person's name, their phone number, their email. I call that person and the voice message, because nobody ever answers the phone, the voice messages says the same name as what the person filled in on the form.

                                    So I'm gonna pull out my phone and hit record and be like, "Hey Joey, it's Danny Wood at ABC Realty. I wanted to call and say thank you so much because you just took the time to create an account looking at real estate for sale here in Durham region. And I just wanted to bring it to your attention that when you're done looking at all the listings today, you're gonna notice all the new listings that hit the market tomorrow. They're just gonna get mixed in with the ones you've been looking at. So, wouldn't it be a benefit if I emailed you all the homes that match your criteria? If so, just reply back, let me know the criteria that you're looking in. I'm a real person. I'm actually gonna set that up for you. And, you should know, as a buyer agent, you don't pay my fees. So this is a totally free way for you to watch the market, get out, and buy a home. If you got questions or want to book a showing, just let me know. I'm here for ya." Stop. And then I would send that video.

                                    So that's [inaudible 00:32:17]. If I get a [inaudible 00:32:22] to some ... Can you still hear me?

Kelley Skar:         Yeah, we can ... You've been cutting in and out in the last little bit for the last probably five seconds or so. Hello?

Danny Wood:     Okay, awesome. I'm sorry about that glitch. There was a little bit of a glitch. So anyways, BombBomb is one of my top three tools that I would not do business without. It really helps us with following up. So if anybody wants to hear the script that I use, you can call, text, my number's 905-903-5442. I wanna make sure you guys get that.

                                    Okay, let me skip forward. Okay, BoxBrownie is a really cool tool. BoxBrownie is where you upload your photos. So say you've got photos of a rental property and it's got the tenant's stuff all over the counter, their shoes are at the door, their coats are hanging up. You can take your photos of the property, send it to BoxBrownie, and within 24 hours, all of that stuff will be removed, and it's just the actual property itself. So it's really cool.

                                    They also do it for enhancing photos. So if you had an outdoor shot of a property, they would actually merge two photos into one, where it has the outdoor shot, but then it would also have the inside the windows so that you can see into the property, and they would lighten everything up. And it's like a cost per photo, like $2 to $5 per photo type of thing. Really, really cool program.

                                    And use your photographer. Your photographer's gonna give you amazing photos, but you can, for $2, enhance it even further. It is unbelievable the type of quality that they can enhance these photos to. So BoxBrownie is awesome.

Kelley Skar:         We use BoxBrownie, I think, for every single one of our listings. So, yeah, it's amazing.

Danny Wood:     Oh, cool. And that link that I'll be sharing with you guys gets everybody a $8 credit to try it for free.

Kelley Skar:         Nice.

Danny Wood:     SOCreferrals is send-out cards, and I avoided these guys like the plague because it's a multi-level marketing company, and everybody was so hounding on me getting onto it. And I always avoided it.

                                    Now, they made a change that I got into. Before, send-out cards ... Send-out cards allows you to drop ship cards on the fly. It's print on demand cards and you could do it for like when you're at a listing appointment. As you're leaving a listing appointment, you can take a photo of the property. And by the time you're driving out the driveway, it's already printed and shipped them a card with their photo of the house on the cover of the card, for example.

                                    Now, the reason I avoided them is 'cause on the back of the card, it talked about joining the company and being a distributor, and I didn't want anything to do with that. Send-out cards actually remove that, where now you can have whatever branding you want. So how I use it is referral-based. So I'll send people a box of brownies in the mail, with a card that says, "For extra brownie points, please pass it forward because your referrals would be sweet."

Danny Wood:     And it's just a fun way for me to ask for referrals. And then you can have a timeline ... So I could say, "Okay, when I get a referral, send them the brownies and then three months later, send them a gift card." So it will automatically drop ship them a Starbucks gift card, and because it prints each card individually, it will hand-write the client's name on the coffee cup. So if I had a picture of a Starbucks coffee cup, it would hand-write Rebecca's name on the coffee cup and include a $10 gift card, and I didn't have to lift a finger. So that is a really, really cool program that I've had amazing success with.

                          , C-A-N-V-A dot com. This is a free tool that allows us to create our feature sheets, our print marketing, our Facebook ads. It's a drag and drop editor. You don't have to go to university to learn how to use it like you do with Illustrator and Photoshop. It works on a computer, it works on your iPhone, or any smart device. And it's totally free. So is where we make most of our marketing material.

                                    Boomerang for Gmail is my top three. So I have three programs I would not do business without. BombBomb is one, Boomerang is one of the others. Boomerang allows you to do a bunch of cool things.

                                    So I use Gmail as my email. It's, so it looks like a real email, but it's actually powered by Gmail. Now, with Boomerang, when I get a lead in my inbox, I can hit this little Boomerang button and it will remove it from my inbox and then bring it back when I say. So I'll be like, "Come back tomorrow," or "Come back next week," or "Come back in two hours," 'cause sometimes you'll get an email at the top of your email, you don't even wanna open it 'cause you know as soon as you do, you gotta deal with it. Otherwise, it'll get buried and you forget about it. So it's a way for you to not forget about things. So you can keep Boomeranging.

                                    One of the really powerful ways we use it is when we have a client who's closing a home, you would normally email them a congratulations email and be like, "Hey, congratulations, you bought a home. Here's all the attachments. Here's your contract, here's a copy of the MLS, and here's whatever you email to people." Since you're already emailing them, Boomerang has a really cool feature that has a send later option, and it can be reoccurring.

                                    So what we do is we'll type up a message and it'll say, "Hey, Maryann, see attached in case you need it for insurance, refinancing, or anything to do with real estate because your anniversary's coming up next month. Anyways, I'm always here for ya. Dan." And then I would schedule that to go out in 11 months, a month before their home closing, and then reoccur for the next four years.

                                    So imagine that. A really powerful drip that is relevant to them, timely, and real estate-related, and you don't have to set up some complicated drip plan in another program. You're already emailing them the attachments anyways. You just do it directly in your Gmail using this. It's called Boomerang for Gmail. Absolutely love that tool.

                                    Because of time, I'm gonna skip this time blocking sheet. I have a video that takes everybody through this. It's and there's a video that takes you through this. And you guys are gonna be able to download this for free and use it. I'm gonna skip through this for now because of the time we have on the podcast.

                                    Same with this checklist. I'm gonna give you guys all of my checklists. So I have a buyer checklist, I have a seller checklist, a just listed checklist, an open house checklist, a just sold checklist, a price correction checklist. So we've got all of these checklists already typed up and saved in different formats. One is a poster, another one is one that clips to your clipboard. So I'm gonna give that to everybody. It's gonna be in the link in the show notes of this podcast.

                                    One of the other tools that I would not do business without is Jing, So this tool allows me to record my computer screen. So when I'm working with a virtual assistant and I have to educate them on how to do something, I could type it out in an email, or I could just use Jing to record my computer screen and then send them the video.

                                    So Jing is the free way for you to record your computer screen and then share that video with people. It also allows you to take screen shots. And I know a lot of people on this call are on Mac and you guys can probably already do that. But anyways, for the PC people, this is a free way. And it works on Mac as well. And it's cloud-based. So we would also use this for recording seller feedback, for example.

                                    Say you're in a market where you have a listing and a week went by and there's been no showings. Oh man, that's a bad feeling. So what we'll do is we'll pull up all the marketing we did for that seller, we'll pull up all the new listings that that seller's competing with, and we'll pull up all the homes that sold that are comparable to that home.

                                    So then I would be recording my computer screen, by like, "Hey Maryann, it's Danny Wood here. This is your weekly feedback. I know there's been no showings this week, but we were actually able to get your property shown 1,800 times because of the marketing we did. And one thing we know, when there's 1,800 showings and not one booking, it's usually a reflection of price. So I'm just gonna share with you what's happening in the market. These are the homes that are listed, these are the homes that have sold." And then I would paint a pretty picture of reality for that client.

                                    And what's cool about Jing is when you record your computer screen, the file is saved in their screen sharing program, and it's not on YouTube or somewhere that the general public will find it. It's just whoever has the direct link will see it.

                                    StockUnlimited is where I get my stock photography. So you can pay, I think it's like 80 bucks a year or something like that. Their pricing is always changing. It fluctuates between 80 to 150 bucks, but anyways, I have unlimited stock photos. So I can go to StockUnlimited and I can type in the word real estate or home, and it will give me all these pictures of homes and real estate that I can use for my blogs and my Facebook marketing.

                                    A little tip. Whenever you're using stock photography, try searching in the emotion. If you type in the word excited, I bet you would find a lot of pictures of people, men and women, who are excited. So then you could create an ad talking about how the house values are up in your area, and the image is of a man or a woman who's now excited looking at their computer screen. So then you could have some pretty good call to action. StockUnlimited's where we get that.

                                    If you need free music for your videos, and you don't want to get flagged or have your material taken down, the They have totally free, royalty-free music, that you can download. You don't even have to give them an email or a credit card. It's totally free. You just have to give the artist credit. So go there, take a look, download as many of the songs as you want. It's not like you're gonna find Justin Bieber or anything on here, but you are gonna find really, really good audio tracks that work with your videos going forward. How much time we got?

Kelley Skar:         Oh, we got a little bit of time left.

Danny Wood:     Okay, cool. So talking about video, PowToon. P-O-W-T-O-O-N. That is how I make my really cool animated videos. So on all of our landing pages, we have a video. You'll never see us have a landing page and not have a video. Video increases your conversion rate. So it could be a simple video of me standing in my office talking about that page, "Hey there, are you looking at homes for sale in Oshawa, Ontario? Well you found it. Just fill in the form below and you'll get blah, blah, blah."

                                    So you could do that. I wanted to take the attention away from me and just have it on the content, so we use animated videos. And these aren't the animated videos where it's like a cheesy hand on a whiteboard that fake draws a picture and then the picture appears. No offense to those videos, but this kills those videos.

                                    If you can make a PowerPoint, you can make a PowToon. It's drag and drop. They've already got all the animations done. You just have to find the animation that matches with the words that you're saying in the video.

                                    Another tool that we use to make video is Biteable. also makes animated videos. The difference is that this one makes animated videos based on the captions.

                                    So when people are watching videos on Facebook, they don't actually watch videos and listen to the audio. So you need to have videos with captions. So if we have any marketing that we're doing on Facebook, we'll most likely use Biteable because it uses caption-based videos and it's animated. So PowToon is audio, Biteable is caption-based.

                                    With people remotely, no matter where they are. So we use to connect with people around the world. So I have [inaudible 00:45:24] our area and they would log on to my computer, [inaudible 00:45:30] for sale, and we would look at the contract together and we would sign the paperwork together.

                                    So if you're working with people and they're ... If you're a paperless agent and you have people signing contracts on their own iPad, and they're doing it without you, they can feel really nervous. So we can use, and you can use it for free, and people will be able to join your computer screen and you can look at the contract together and sign it together. It's really, really cool.

                                    A lot of other screen sharing technology, the people have to download something. With, they don't have to download anything. You do, as the host or whatever, but it's web-based. So all they have to do is type in the URL and they can see it directly in their web browser. So my mom, who is like 60, she would feel more comfortable if I could just tell her, "Mom, just go to," and then she'll be able to see my computer screen, instead of telling her to go to, GoToWebinar and download something and open it up and connect her audio. It's like way harder.

Kelley Skar:         Yeah.

Danny Wood:     So allows you to connect people to your computer screen.  [inaudible 00:46:42] for connecting with buyers and sellers.

                                    If you need an IDX website, go to There's a whole webinar on there about IDX website. I'm gonna not go into that.

                           I do a group coaching call. It's biweekly. Every other week I do a live coaching call where all the tools that I just talked about, and more, I go deep, step-by-step tutorials, and you can watch me and ask questions. They're recorded and you have a [inaudible 00:47:16] half sessions, [inaudible 00:47:19] per person, month-to-month, they can cancel any time.

                                    We also have office plans, where the office pays and then all their agents get access. So that's an option as well. And if agents that are listening are too cheap, don't want to pay, just head on over to YouTube and search me up on YouTube, there [inaudible 00:47:36] take you through a lot of the same content.

                                    And Grammarly is a tool that we use. Grammarly allows you to ... It's spell checking on steroids. So it's spell checking and grammar, 'cause a lot of the contracts you guys are writing, you're doing it in your browser on your paperless software. So Grammarly will actually read that and correct it. So some agents are bilingual, some agents, their first language isn't English, and it's a very challenging business to be in. Grammarly will really help out with a lot of people, and it's totally free.

                                    Shareaholic is a tool that we use, our blog, [inaudible 00:48:19], if you've ever been to a blog or a website and you see the social media icons, what happens when you click that? Normally, it would ... Say you clicked on a Facebook icon, it would take you to that person's Facebook page.

                                    On my blog, if you click on the Facebook icon, it actually opens up your Facebook with my content already written on your wall and you just have to hit send. So it's a way for people to share my content, not go to my Facebook page.

                                    So I would way rather people share my articles and share my content than go to my business page and like it. I don't care about likes at all. I don't even know how many likes I have on my business page. It doesn't matter. But what I do care about is people sharing my content and me getting traffic. So that's a really, really cool tool. It's totally free. I like it a lot.

                          , C-A-L-L-F-I-R-E dot com. allows you to send mass voice broadcasting, which is really cool. So you can't do it to people you don't know, but if you had like a client appreciation event, you could do a voice broadcast to everybody and it would be like they would hear that message. You'd be like, "Hey, as a friendly reminder, we got our event happening tomorrow. Don't forget to bring a canned good, blah, blah, blah." So CallFire's really cool that you could do basically like a mass email, only it's a mass broadcast.

                                    And, that one right there will get you 250 free text messages a month. And same thing, it's like a mass email, only it's a mass text. So you could type out a message that says, "Hey, are you still thinking of moving this year," and then you could mass send it to all of the buyers that you have in your database as long as you have permission to do that type of marketing. But is how we do that, and you get 250 free texts a month. So everybody should be trying that. [inaudible 00:50:17] made it under time.

Kelley Skar:         Yes.

Danny Wood:     The link to everything that I just talked about is You have the link. I sent it to you on Facebook so you can share that in the show notes.

Kelley Skar:         Absolutely.

Danny Wood:     Anybody who's on this call, if you're ... Anybody who's on the call that has questions, like, "Oh man, that guy's awesome, I wanna talk to him." My cell number's 905-903-5442. You can call or text any time. I help agents with setting things like this up, and I help broker owners with recruiting and agent training. So that was good timing. Thank you for having me, and sorry about the internet issues.

Kelley Skar:         That's okay, man. No, this is great. I think that ... Oh, geez, I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, at least nine, that I didn't know about that I'm definitely gonna be checking out and see if I can plug it into my own business. So-

Danny Wood:     Cool.

Kelley Skar:         ... I mean, this is just an awesome value-added webinar that I think the agents, our listeners, are really get something from. And so again, I'm ... Free plug for Dan here if you are interested in getting some of this stuff set up. You know, I was using BombBomb myself for a number of years, and Zapier, actually. So if I had a seller lead, I would use a Zap to pull that seller lead into a pipeline that I had built through BombBomb that would send them a number of emails over the course of two or three or four days or something like that.

                                    So things like this are not easy to set up if you're not necessarily technology-savvy. And a guy like Dan that knows his stuff could probably really help out with something like this. So again, feel free to give him a call at 905-903-5442. Just because he's traveling in Florida doesn't mean that he's not working, right?

Danny Wood:     No, totally. This is a three-year road trip. So I'm doing a three-year road trip, chasing the sun. I'm working remotely. So just like today, the power was out and the water is frozen, and we were still able to do this call because of technology. So we're good.

Kelley Skar:         Right on, man. Well, I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much for doing this. And if you guys, as always, if you're listening to this on iTunes, I hope that you have, please leave us a review. Five stars would be much appreciated. If you are watching this on YouTube, comments down below. We do read all of the comments. And if you're seeing this on Facebook, again, leave us a comment, leave us some ideas if you've got other apps, other pieces of software that you could add to this list, we'd sure love to hear them.

                                    Again, thanks again, Danny. Appreciate it-

Danny Wood:     Yup.

Kelley Skar:         ... and we'll catch you on the next one, man.

Danny Wood:     Cool, man. Thank you. Bye

Want to Double Your Results In Q2?

Want to Double Your Results In Q2?

TNS Podcast Episode #33: From Startup to 6 Figures in Year 1

TNS Podcast Episode #33: From Startup to 6 Figures in Year 1