CEO Micromoments: Self Awareness

CEO Micromoments: Self Awareness


Welcome again to another CEO Micro Moments.  This week is a big week for us here at Redline.  It's our first insiders Thrive Not Survive of the year (2nd all time), and we are also doing our first ever awards presentation at the event as well.  

Hopefully this will be the perfect venue to honour those that were here with us throughout most of our inaugural year as a high value brokerage but also give us all a little healthy spark to have our best years ever as a completely different group of people in 2018.

Today’s today is called the “power of awareness”

If you watch Gary Vaynerchuk at all, you’ll hear him talk about Awareness being one of his biggest strengths and why he feels he is winning the game.  He attributes it to a hyper sensitive ability to be self aware and use it to his advantage. I think he’s right.

In a world that is a lot of the time all show, no go, or simply all show all the time - you can easily get lost in it, and we can become the opposite of self aware because of whatever rabbit hole we are losing ourselves down on the given week, or day it is.

I actually wrote this topic down back in September at the very beginning of rolling out this series as I was watching the game of thrones series an addiction level rates.

I’m not sure how many of you are game of throne fans and how many have seen all episodes.  But I’m going to set the context really simply for you all here.

Basically there was a part in the show where a battle was happening between “mother of dragons” and this current ruling family of all the lands.  The mother of dragons had 3 dragons at her disposal (which were considered basically war ending levels of power). However one dragon was injured (and died) in another battle against another bad guy not too long ago. Nobody from the ruling family knew this however.

There was a point when the mother of dragons for the first time road in on her dragons & armies against the bad family.  She brought her two dragons. They ended up wiping the floor with the ruling family and became one step closer to taking the throne for which she craved.

Now most times in a situation like this, the losing party would be licking their wounds, and retreating and getting pretty leary of their upcoming defeats.  However the ruling queen (who is really impressive in her abilities to win, strategize and deceive), she noticed and put the pieces together that there was only 2 dragons.  Having the awareness in battle to realize that this use of dragons was a sign of the mother of dragons full strength, this was her way of showing don’t mess with me and looked to provide deadly fear in all who opposed her hearts and minds.

In a case like this it would only make sense that she’d make the victory as swift as possible, she’d bring her the full power of her 3 dragons.  However this wasn’t the case, as I mentioned the one dragon had died. The one dragon was no longer a threat and the mother of dragons only now had 2 to support her cause.

Understanding this, having the awareness to see this despite having their backs up against the wall she has hope.  She has information that can be used to help her and strategize on how it might be possible to stage off this defeat.

To me when I saw this - I was impressed.  I hated this character, but I had to tip my hat to her for her inate ability to be so so damn aware.  And now as a fan of the other side, I’m a little worried about her ability to find ways to stage off this upcoming defeat.

So - we’ve talked briefly about Gary V and his hyper-sensitivity to be self aware and how it’s helping him, and now I’ve provided this completely fictional story to show not self awareness, but the overall power of awareness as a whole

Let’s turn our attention to what we can learn in our business world, our real estate careers more specifically.

As we push down our journeys, and push through our daily lives as growing and producing agents I would have to say from what i’ve seen and from what I’ve done this skill is a little bit rare.  But …. I don’t look at this as a negative …. I look at it as a really cool opportunity. When the majority of us struggle with it, and can completely at times overlook the act or skill of awareness, it leaves a really neat and powerful opportunity that is largely untapped to grow within.

Now if we were to think about what are some things that we may not be self aware about, these are a few things that came to mind:

  • Our own calendars & time blocking (our actual success rate of getting things done more importantly)

  • Our own customer service & overall clients experience

  • Our own strengths & passions

  • Our level of commitment

  • Your level of growth in your profession

So those are some pretty big ones…what about some of the smaller things too

  • Our response rates when it comes to client requests

  • Our tone when it comes to dealing with admins, or other agents in the business

  • Where does your time really go

What about awareness in general, what things come to mind…

How much do you really know about the market, how close have you been following it so you can provide info to your clients etc

How much do you really know about what’s going on around your own listings, have closely do you follow the competition and your place within it

So to me this list can be never ending and can be exhaustive.  But the wicked awesome thing that I wanted to hit home today, is each and everyone of us have a list of stuff that with some extra level of focus, and with a slight mindset change towards being “aware” we can improve.  We can really really improve. Being “mindful” enough to self analyze and self reflect can and I’d even say “WILL” 100% be the difference between coasting through and falling short on your goals, and achieving them.

What are some tips I can provide as we leave this message today about becoming more aware and in turn more likely to see results quicker, and more often.


  • What am I trying to achieve?

  • What am I doing that is working?

  • What am I doing that is slowing me down?

  • What can I do to change?

Write down your key plans and priorities

Tracking & Measuring.

Take psychometric tests

Ask trusted friends

Get regular feedback at work.

So there you have it - the power of awareness & some tips on how to start training yourself to use it to your advantage.

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