CEO Micromoments: The Pace Car

CEO Micromoments: The Pace Car

The Pace Car


Good Morning Everyone, and welcome to the last week of Q1 2018.  Holy Smokes - but is it just me or did time really fly by this quarter.  

I get excited at the end of Q1 honestly.  Why? Well first of all i’ve had time to let my plan get going for a bit (you know all that anticipation from business planning at the end of 2017 - well this was your time to get to work and make your plan become reality).  

And secondly for us, this is when the market really starts to heat up for us.  This is the time when real estate is on any many minds as it will be all year long. So by keeping up what we’ve been doing will certainly start to produce rewards for us.  And if we are just starting up on things you’ve been putting off, the market is a little more on our side.

Ok, enough about all that stuff, let's get to today’s micro moment.

Well actually what we were just talking about, does have relevance and a tie in to today’s call.

My topic for today is called “THE PACE CAR”

I had an experience just yesterday actually when I was driving down Sarcee Trail.  Here I was first in line at a light, and i was at the intersection of Bow trail & Sarcee heading west.  Gloriously on my way to the bottle depot. Yep that’s right - I do do that. And really quite enjoy it.

As I was driving down Sarcee after the light had turned green (for further context - I was in my dads truck to fit all the bottles - so the vehicle was a little unfamiliar to me), and when you are in somebody’s else's car if you are like me you tend to drive a little slower than you would in your own car.  It might be unfamiliar or it might be just being more cautious to not get into an accident.

But I was about 1/3rd of the way down the hill already and realized I was going about 65 km/hr.  For those that don’t know this road...It’s actually a 80km/h zone. This was not like me at all.

Once I realized this I quickly speed up to the speed limit, and being embarrassed looked into my rear view mirror to see who was behind me probably giving me the stink eye.  As I did this I realized something...And that was absolutely nobody had passed me. The car in the lane beside me was easily a few car lengths behind, and wasn't’ driving any faster.  All the cars behind me, and behind the other car in the other lane a ways back, were just rocking it out at 65 like me. No horns, no super close drivers. Just going about their marry way like I was.

Then as I sped up and found myself at my normal 10% over speed limit, everyone else sped up, and the car beside me now darted ahead and took off ahead.  And then others even started to pass and the entire dynamic totally changed.

This is why the idea for today’s micro moment arose.

So it got me wondering just a little about this, and how it played a roll in our human psychology as people but also for us as professionals in a career where we are the “quote end quote” drivers.  We are in a career that allows us to constantly adjust the speed because how fast we go is completely dependent on how hard we push the pedal down. There is no other factors influencing that decision to push the pedal down.  It's just us individually. We chose the pace.

So with all that being said.  It got me questioning something…

Right now - this very instant in my career.  This very day, time, place in my life...The speed that I am going, the amount of pressure that i’m putting down on my perverbial gas pedal, is this my choosing? I following somebody else’s pace car

Think about that for a minute.  Am I going at the pace I should be going? Is it your choosing speed…

Or...are you letting others influence this

Now before going to far from this point.  I’m going to say that it’s not always wrong to be following somebody else's lead.  Somebody else's pace. But if you are, lets better be damn sure it's the pace you mean to be going.  

And not falling into the “Sunday” driver style trap that I’m sure all these drivers with me on Sarcee had done.  (There is no way if they were consciously making that decision at the moment they’d all be dragging their asses back at 65 km/h)

The other interesting thing that I noticed from the event on Sarcee Trail, was the second part of the story.  Once I (the lead car) realized what I was doing and sped up to proper speed, the entire group of drivers did the same.  And it even awoke many to get back on their path, their speed, their pace.

This part of the experience got me all jacked up actually, and this is why.

For us here at Redline, we have the unique ability to be ever present in other peoples’ real estate journeys.  Much unlike other organizations. When a fellow Redliner picks up the pace, it creates a ripple around him/her. And with that, waves start to form, motivation starts to kick in, positivity rains down around that person and we all get behind it.

Further to that, we get a lift.  As we see others succeed, or pick up the pace (because we are connected and we are supportive, and because we love the healthy competition, because of the mindset of abundance that breeds here), it spurs us to do the same.  

I see it all the time.  Momentum creates momentum in not only the person that experienced or set off on the new pace, but on the others around them.

When that starts to happen, just as the cars did on Sarcee, the energy all over picks up.  We each pick our “new pace” and the role of the pace car inadvertently is over. The pace car did it’s job.  It set fire to the group that was consciously or possibly unconsciously following behind.

So as I leave you today...remember the question I said above:

  1. Are you following somebody elses pace car? And if so - is it the right pace.  Or is it time to set a new one.

And secondly,

Don’t be surprised that your actions will spur others to set their own new pace.  And the tables turn. Be just always be ever present, as we’ve discussed the last few micro moments, maintain that awareness.

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