CEO Micromoments: Until

CEO Micromoments: Until

CEO Micromoments: How Stories can Shape Our Business Acumen

Happy Easter Everyone! This is as close to an Easters edition as we will likely get here on the Micro Moments :)

Not only is this our Easter Edition but this the first micro moment of Q2.  

I’m sure you are all ready to rock being all hyped up and filled on your kids easter chocolates, so let's get this micro moment started don’t we.  

At the end of my micro moment I’m going to stay on the line and I’d love it if those of you who can, I believe today’s topic is one that can easily continue and help lift us up and set the week off on the right foot.

This weeks micro moment came to me as I was at church yesterday with the family.  Pastor David was up on stage and speaking his easter Sunday sermon. I don’t know what it is but as he relates biblical stories to life for us in the crowd, I simply can’t help relate much of what he says also to our business lives.  

Yesterday was no exception…

I’m going to call this micro moment “Until…”

The story I’m going to reference is a spiritual one today.  I know this may be a no no, because HR would tell me we aren't’ supposed to talk about politics or religion in a work type setting, it’s risky, it can draw a wedge between people, but I’m hoping you will come down this little ride with me for a few mins to gain the full impact.  I’m hoping I can assume rapport with you all by now and you know this has nothing to do with my beliefs, but more about the story I’m planning to tell. For those uncomfortable with religion, I’d just honestly ask you treat it as any other story without prejudice so in fact you can too allow this micro moment to hit home.

So with that out of the way, let's dig in.

For those of you who are christians, you likely know the true meaning of Easter Sunday, and Good Friday, or at least you have an idea of these things.

For everyone else, let me provide a gloss over of this for us all again to provide the context of the story.

So yesterday was Easter Sunday.   This is kinda the holy grail of events for the christian faith.  This is the day above all days in the christian religion. This is the day in christian faith that Jesus, the son of God rises from the dead.  This is a pretty big deal if you can imagine for followers of Jesus and of Christian religion as a whole. People don’t come back from the dead, yet this had just happened to their most prized person in history.

Not but 3 days before this on Good Friday, Jesus who was thought to be their savior was put to death on a cross by the romans, crucified and laid in a tomb.  This was not a good day for christians back in the time of Jesus as all of their hopes & dreams had been basically shattered, ripped apart and now the entire following was left questioning how this could happen. How this could happen to their leading character.

Now obviously there is much much more to the story as these events mark some of the most profound events in christian history, and make much of the foundation of the entire faith as a whole, so please don’t take brief story telling here today as a sign of disrespect in any way.

But the reason i wanted to tell this story and set up the context for today’s micro moment is because when pastor Dave was up there relating these events to us yesterday, this is how he was putting it…

He was basically telling the story of “until…”

The week leading up to the death of Jesus on the cross was an intense week for christians.  There was deception, there was accusations, there was the eventual verdict, there was pain, suffering, and ultimately a climax of his death.  

And then there was nothing grieving, and sadness, and shock, it would not have been a good time to be a christian.  Not only was the saviours gone, but now all followers of were now being seek out and forced into hiding. It was dangerous…

So for all intents and purposes...this was a rough week ( probably safe to say a week a little worse than the bad weeks we have here navigating our real estate and present day life as a whole )...

But again this was the story of “until…”

This was a rough week, this was the worst week, until …

This word “UNTIL” actually has never held much of a profound meaning for me until I heard them as acclaimed in the sermon yesterday.

Because that week from palm sunday, to ash wednesday, to good friday was quite the rollercoaster.  It was from an all time high for the christian faith to the utmost lows, and it seemed as if there was no way to get rid of those lows….UNTIL

UNTIL …. Until easter sunday when the table turned.  The story has a plot twist. The story changes from bad to good.

It wasn’t until christians found out that Jesus had raised from the TOMB that things were going to change all over again.

It wasn’t UNTIL happened that faith was restored and the story of their lives was changed forever for the better.

So TO ME not only did this hit home as a christian, but me sitting there listening to the pastor the WORDS UNTIL took on a whole new meaning for my business life.

See not that our weekly journeys as realtors is anywhere as profound as one of the great religions most precious weeks in history...but it does provide a great metaphor for us to reflect on.

And this is actually what the pastor was trying to tell us.  This story had been told, it has been told for thousand of it wasn’t new and it's not what was supposed to be left in our minds there that day…

It was the message of UNTIL….that this simple word can be used in our daily lives to hold so much power.

Our life of realtors could feel a whole bunch of different ways, often times it's some blend of the following:

I’m just not seeing the success I thought I’d be having

I can’t seem to get any conversions from my efforts

No matter what I do I just don’t seem to have much in terms of a pipeline

For the life of me I can’t win a listing presentation

I find myself spining my wheels

Why I can’t I get it going like so in so

I can’t stick to my plan

See these are things that creep into our worlds often but today I want to remind you that sure that may be the case at the moment...but remember the words UNTIL

Use the word UNTIL in your me it's a very powerful word because it eludes to the fact that things are about to change.  It eludes to the fact that this is just temporary and there is something that will change coming.

See UNTIL Easter Sunday all hope was lost.  

And we all have an UNTIL in our future, when we stick to our guns, and we stick to our plans, have yourself a little faith that your UNTIL is just around the corner.

Health, Wealth, Faith, Relationships, Love...etc….

UNTIL …. Remember that word and let it remind you your time is coming.  All it takes is one thing to flip the script, to make the plot twist, to set you off once again.

Lets end today with the belief that each of your UNTIL is here in this new quarter! It's your Q2

Today I’m going to stay on the line and open up our mics. I believe this message of “until” isi really profound and I’d love to hear about some of your “until” moments that have transpired in your life recently.  I’d love for you to share if indeed you are comfortable to the group and continue a group dialogue around this.

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