MicroMoment Monday: What others won’t - while others rest

MicroMoment Monday: What others won’t - while others rest

What Others are Willing to do, While Others Rest

Welcome back to another week, and with that new week comes another great micro moment that I hope impacts you in a little way.

Today’s topic is a mantra that I personally try to live & breath every day.  Of all the things I’ve heard in my business coaching, real estate coaching, mindset reading, and being around high performers this theme resonates with me over and over and over again. So I was excited that this was our topic for today.

This story re-surfaced for me the other day when I was at a listing presentation.  

So let’s dive right into it.

Here I was Tuesday night meeting with a new client in one of my farm areas.  In the conversation as we always do, I was building rapport & learning a lot about the client.  

In the discovery this guy brought up a story of when he was a back in the 70s looking to build a new home on a lot. And the developer quoted him a price to clear his lot, service the lot and basically get it all ready for his home build.  

The number was way way more than he was expecting.  But it was a number others were paying left right and centre as this community was indeed selling well.

He decided to go ahead with the lot purchase, but then took it upon himself to buy a dump truck, buy a backhoe, and do all things himself.  Hired his own subs as he needed to, and got it all done for a fraction of the cost.

So he was winning.  But he didn’t stop there.

While going through the process of clearing the lot he came across good usable dirt.  And if you’ve ever bought or helped people in a new build good dirt is kinda hard to find.  

The builders don’t give us very much, yet everyone is in need of it to put down before they install their brand new sod for their new yards.  So he capitalized on this. He put up an ad in the neighbourhood, just cardboard signs offering good black dirt for sale on Saturdays.

So for months on end he had a lineup of people willing to pay him good money for his dirt for which he needed to get off his land anyways.  It was fantastic. So this made his idea to do what others wouldn’t and take further advantage of the opportunity to do his own clearing.

This experience ended up being one of the catalysts to him acquiring more lots in the community, 21 ultimately.  An incredible feat. All this because he was willing to do something others wouldn’t, something simple enough, and it created a new series of opportunities for him.

As I always do when I get calls from new potential clients, or even agents into our brokerage, I ask  why did he call me. He has been in the real estate business for decades and in some pretty serious positions.  He knows realtors. That is without a question.

He said he knew that I had dropped this flyer off in person (that it wasn’t mailed).  My letter was explanatory about my position in the community and it was a no brainer to call me.  

He was also aware that I was the leader of our company yet I found the time to get to his front door.  This impressed him and he told me by end of the night he won’t be calling any of his other friends. Even prior to working with him this spring, we are discussing

multiple other opportunities for which we are medium term planning.

While others rested - where others won’t.

That is the lesson.

As you reflect back on your career, or maybe even in your other careers prior to real estate...can you think of a few times where this indeed was apparent in your life.  

Yeah I bet you can.  

Tom Ferry (#1 ranked real estate coach according to Swanepoel) speaks to this phenomenon a lot, he uses the term “the rich & the rest”

This may sound a little pretentious to some but the message is clear.  It's a list he derived and refers back to often, the “high achievers vs the average” or “the high performers vs the false starters”

The entire premise of this is doing what others won’t consistency so you can achieve results others would only dream of.  We do these not cause we are super men or women, we do these cause we’ve made a commitment to our goals. We do them even though we don’t like them, we do them even though we are tired, we do them even though blah blah blah.

While others rested - where others won’t.

So again in your week - find a moment or two where you step outside and make a declaration to do that little extra.  

Fuel Up

Get fuel from that little extra - and not that you’ll see results from it immediately...but get fuel from the fact that others won’t.  

In a highly competitive environment like we have in real estate, each step you can make while others rest, when others won’t will serve you well.  Now compound that day in day out...and you are creating a gap between you and others each and every day.

Now I know many of you would say “well Darren i’m not that competitive” and “I don’t really concern myself with others” …. My answer to that is great.  Even better.

You are doing this for yourself right.  You are doing this for your family right.  


Make those steps.  Make that extra call.  Walk that extra street.  Host that next open house. Make that next video.  

And keep doing it…

It’s the 3rd week of January and the gyms are already starting to get less and less busy.

The health food isles are already starting to keep a little more stocked.

Bad habits are already starting to creep back in…

But not you.  Nope not you…

Remember “while others rest - where others won’t” lies the gold.

Lies your goals.

Lies the life you are trying to create.

So as I leave you again today and set you off into the week.

Find your “while others won’t” moment and use it to fuel yourself.

Those are wins.  

Wins create confidence as discussed in my first MicroMoment.  

Confidence creates the action. Action creates the competence…

And guess what - “where others won’t” becomes habit.

Becomes habit.

And that’s where you want to be.  

I personally would love to see your little ‘while others rest - where others won’t moment on workplace or in a personal message to me.  Your moments fuel me and I promise fuel others!

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