MicroMoment Monday: We are All Wrong

MicroMoment Monday: We are All Wrong

We are All Wrong

I’m just back from a mini-vacation to our only real ski-resort in Ontario and I had an absolute blast with the kids.

This whole past week I’ve been thinking about how shifting our perspective on thing can shift our experiences. The thought was brought to my attention in our high-accountability group last week as I talked about our ability to CHOOSE what we like or dislike.

The same concept kept popping up on vacation. First the whole trip was a SHIFT in perspective - for my whole life going to the ski hill has been about getting out early with the guys - finding the most challenging terrain - and not coming home till we were all exhausted - taking kids for their first time to the hill would certainly be a different experience than hunting down double black diamond glade runs.

I won’t lie - last year I tried to take my kids skiing and I had a crappy day - all I was thinking about was the runs I wasn't getting in.

I knew this feeling was going to pop up again so I focused hard on shifting my perspective and seeing how my enjoyment would come from spending the day outdoors - watching my kids enjoy a sport that has been so great to me - and when everyone was tired and exhausted - my lift ticket was still good until 9pm - I got 6-7 solo laps in of the hill - the best of both worlds - family vacation plus two hours to relive my youth!

Naturally with kids aged 8 and 5 we had a lot of downtime and I found myself flipping through Netflix and stumbled upon a documentary called “Behind The Curve” about a growing community of people who believe the earth is flat….  Yeah let that sink it….

This movement has gone from a few vocal people ranting on chat groups and making YouTube videos to a full on conference with people travelling from around the world to meet. Stuff like this is fascinating to me… within 10 minutes of the documentary starting I looked over to my wife and said - “what do you think we are flat-earthers about?” - she looked at my kinda strange and so I had to clarify….

These people on the documentary are so sure about something that the rest of us know for sure is wrong - how can that be? Confirmation Bias is at the heart of it and the documentary does a great job of showcasing this phenomenon.

While it’s easy to crack a joke at the expense of someone who believes we all live under a huge dome controlled by the government it’s a lot harder to look inside and ask ourselves - what am I so sure of… that actually might be wrong…

Many of you know that before becoming a Realtor I was in the market research industry - we did all kinds of studies on every industry - and we are always very careful to remove as much bias from the research as possible - but the biggest one didn’t come from the research - it came from our clients.

You see, when our research confirmed what they were hoping to find - they paid our bill, thanked us for our research and moved forward with their plan…. When our research showed the opposite of what the client hoped for.

They paid our bill, thanked us for our research, and did whatever they were going to do anyways. It was like the research was just an exercise to confirm what they already knew - or it was discarded as meaningless..

You’ve probably heard the classic statement about the “known knows” the things we all know - and the “known unknowns” - the things we know we don’t know.

There are also the “unknown unknowns” - that is the stuff we don’t even know we don’t now (which is most stuff) - the crazy one that’s right under our noses - is the “false knowns” - things we things we are sure know - but are totally wrong about.

This is actually how all life and science works. We guess about something, and we are probably wrong - then we test and get some information and become a little less wrong, and repeat till we are hopefully right (although we are probably just a slightly less wrong). And this process continues until we die - still being mostly wrong about most things - lol.

The answer is research, empirical evidence, and an open mind - for us that means setting intentions (i.e. hypothesis) - actually doing something about it - (i.e. action) - tracking that thing without emotion - then only drawing conclusions based on the evidence.

Do you hate door knocking? You can probably find 100 reasons why it doesn’t work. Do you love open houses? You can probably google right now why they are the only thing you need to grow your business. You see we can have an opinion on anything - but facts are facts.

The trouble is when it’s about us - we can confuse facts, with feeling and opinions.

So here is my advice for this week. Stop wanting things to turn out a specific way - that is the root of all confirmation bias - rather become a scientist of how things really are - only with the truth - the facts - the research - can we make intelligent decisions.

If you have decided before you research - you might as well just save your time and effort and just do what you were going to do anyways.

PS - The documentary was called “Behind The Curve” - enjoy feeling really right about something.

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