MicroMoment Monday: Micro Donations

MicroMoment Monday: Micro Donations

Micro Moment - Micro Donations

Welcome to the start of February everyone! I’m excited to be back & excited to talk about today’s little topic as well.  It’s one I’ve been waiting to share as it something that I jotted down prior to Christmas.

As you can see I’m not LIVE with you today and I apologize I’m not able to have our fun banter at the beginning 5 mins. I had another commitment at this time & pre-recorded it for release to you all at our normal 930AM time slot.

Alright - let’s get into things here today.

Have you ever heard of the concept of a Micro Donation?

Maybe some of you, maybe none of you, maybe the title itself brings up a few thoughts on the concept.  

Well let me take you through a little story.

How many of you have seen, taken part in or maybe even kinda envious of the charity balls that's go on.  You know what I’m talking about. It's where you attend a great gala with a seemingly insanely priced per plate charge to sit at a great event, in a lavish location, where many of the cities whose who frequently attend.  

It's also the kind of thing companies buy full tables in and often times the heads of the companies get a chance to go, or you win a ticket to one of these in an auction.

But they are always for an incredible cause.  Something really worthwhile, and they are trying to raise big money with the cities, and the industries top dogs in attendance.  

You’ve also seen these in movies - they are always super lux, and would most often be once in a lifetime kinda experiences, great food, people, and entertainment. .

But...the problem with these events is they are generally off limits to the average joe/jane, or even those who consider themselves upper/middle class.  Tickets are hard to come by and most often we simply don’t have the free cashflow to be among the event, the cause, the experience.

Even if you aren’t the pretentious type, the idea of being once in your life at a gala that you could your favourite celebs, or cities notoriety is appealing.  At least just once.

Well there is a company that kinda felt the same.  

Why is it only the who's who should get the opportunities to help these great causes, or get the chance of a lifetime to take part in the elaborate experiences.

And above and beyond, they thought - hey, maybe we could even do more good if indeed we made this more accessible.

And from that, their company called OMAZE was born.

This company was founded in 2012 and provided the opportunity for all of us to donate to once in a lifetime experiences all around the world, with the largest celebrities we know doing incredible things you could only dream about.

All for just $10...That's it.  And the winners are drawn randomly.  That’s it.

Get a chance to win:

A night with Sam from Outlander

Drive home your own Ferrari

Play Putt putt with Paul Rudd

Be Dana’ White’s VIP guest at UFC

And so on and on

They’ve taken the concept to raise great money for great causes and put it into the hands of us all.  Including those with money.

What is happening as a result:

  1. More opportunities are surfacing for people to take part? The Celebs, the rich are providing exclusive access into their worlds to the average joe.  It's incredible.

  2. And secondary to this - they are raising more money.  More money per opportunity than they ever did in the silent auction settings at these big galas.  But More money as a result of the more and more opportunities.

For the cost of 2 lattes you could be sitting courtside with Magic Johnson.  Thats pretty awesome and the money is all going to a great place.

So this concept of MICRO DONATION has become quite the thing.  Become quite the rising trend.

As I thought about this - I immediately caught myself thinking about how this concept applies to us in our business world. It's scary how it works in the same way.

The question started coming into my mind of “What Micro Donation am I making to my business today”

What micro donation am I making into my business to:

Move that project forward

In my prospecting efforts

In my learning

In building my relationships

And so on…

The idea of a micro donation isn’t overwhelming just like that $10 spend isn’t overwhelming.

No matter how bad my day is going.  Or how much your kid pissed you off this morning on the way out the door.  Or how lazy or tired you feel today…

Nothing is too much for you to make a “MICRO DONATION” into your business.

Just like the rise of these opportunities that are surfacing on the OMAZE.com website … so will the rise in the quality of your business. One micro donation at a time.  

These micro donations are much more important than a big “one and done” event like the gala or private event.  Just like they are raising more money than the “one and done” did...your business will grow so much more by doing the micro donations:

$10 at a time may take a while to add up...but it's always growing.

1 micro commitment into your business daily will again take time to build...but you are at least growing it and not waiting for something big each and every time.

What do you think those that attend the big events once a year do in between?

Do they consistently buck up and spend on another charitable causes...Some do maybe...but most likely not.  They go big and go home - then nothing.

But those making micro commitments in their business day in day out will make it habitual. Will make real difference.

So as I leave you today...I want you to declare your micro commitment today that is a non negotiable. Think it - and make a post in the comment.  The thing with this is --- I can see if you watched it - and i’ll be expecting one micro donation into your business you will be performing today & this week.  

So get at it!!! Let’s make your business like OMAZE - 1 $10 bill a time.

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