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How To Take A Vacation From Your Real Estate Business | Podcast - EP022

This week Kelley and Jeff talk about keeping your business rolling AND enjoying some summer holidays. Should your disconnect or check-in? Jeff shares his 90 min vacation work day and Kelley gives his hacks to balance his business and being present for his family. Learn when to tell your clients your going away and how to properly prepare for another Realtor to cover your business...

Getting More Done In Less Time - Podcast Ep017

Today on the Redlife Podcast we go through 8 productivity hacks that will improve the efficiency in your business. As Realtors, we don't have to be disorganized and feel like every situation is a fire that we have to put out. We can schedule our time effectively to a point where it becomes inherent every week and we come to expect the tasks we must perform to continually move our business forward. Be calendared, be organized, have boundaries, reap the rewards.

Touch Point Plan/Sphere Marketing/Why It's Important - The Redlife Podcast Episode 012

I was shocked to know that our touch point plan, when executed properly, can reach our clients up to 45 times per year. We don't want and we don't want our agents to become the statistic that states 88% of people surveyed say they would use the agent that helped them buy their home, to sell their home. Only 11% ever do. Having a follow up plan for your sphere is the most important marketing you will ever do.

3 Ways New Agents Can Get Started in Real Estate - Podcast Ep005

On today's episode we explore three strategies that all Real Estate Agents should be doing in their business, not just new agents. We go in depth with What an Agent should be looking for in a Brokerage and define what support and full service truly are. We go through low cost strategies to get you up and running right away and not having to wait 6 months for that first deal and lastly we talk about how much you should be reinvesting back into your business and some of the areas that you could reinvest to but also what will get you the best ROI.

How to Build a Community Through Video - Podcast Ep006

On today's episode our guest Ryan Shields, of the Shields Real Estate Group, talks about their 30 in 30 video series from last year. It was 30 videos in 30 days that featured 30 different locations and businesses in Brandon, Manitoba. This series helped them to build brand awareness as well as bringing a community together. Find out how their 30 videos accounted for 62,000 views on Facebook and what it took for them to shoot 30 videos in 30 days.

How to Maximize the Sales Funnel in Your Real Estate Business - Podcast Ep004

Today's guest is Rebecca Mountain with Impetus Consulting. Rebecca has one main goal: to help businesses generate leads and make money using social and digital marketing. She helps businesses around the world achieve success through leading edge strategies coupled with an amazing customer experience. The sales funnel is something that is underutilized in the real estate sales process. Rebecca covers every aspect of the sales funnel from the lead magnet or hook to the landing page to what the funnel is to what the follow up looks like. We dig deep in this episode so make sure to have a pencil and a pad of paper, you are going to want to take notes.

How to Use Video in your Real Estate Business - Podcast Ep003

Today we sit down with Video Master, Sebastian Malinowski. Sebastian is a Realtor®, Team Leader, Dad and Husband and is also super passionate about creating mass quantities of quality content through video. In today's episode we touch on some key areas about video: How to get started and what equipment and editing software to use, the channels you should be utilizing for syndication, the key to creating consistent content that people will want to watch week in and week out and social proof, this type of marketing works if you follow the steps in the podcast.