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MicroMoment: The Power of the New Year

I’m excited to be here with you all and to kick off the first moment of 2019!!

If you are at all like me I’m craving getting back to normal.  Don’t get me wrong the holiday season is like nothing else, but when you love what you do like I do, and we get to impact & help so many people with our craft I can’t but help but want to get back in the groove of it all.

Thrive Not Survive Podcast Episode #42 The Psychology of the Pitch

I had a good chat with one of our agents this past week and we talked about the dreaded close. You know, that conversation at the end of your presentation where you have to ‘ask for the business.’ I am going to start this podcast out by saying that if you have to ask for the business, you’re doing it wrong. I mean, if you have to use old school sales talk and objection handlers you haven’t done your job.

TNS Podcast Episode #34: How 1 Agent Does Over 100 Transactions Per Year

All right, we are live. Welcome to the Thrive Not Survive podcast. I am your host, Kelley Skar. With me today is Jeff Thibodeau. He's jumping back into the podcast. Welcome, my friend.

So happy to have you back. I'm really excited about this one today. I reached out to Sara Kalke, who is a very top producing agent out of Edmonton, Alberta, which is about three hours north of Calvary

CEO Moments - Trailblazing Versus the Path Most Traveled

Okay, let's do this. So yeah, good morning. Welcome to today's Micro-Moments, where I'm actually homeless, as far as offices go. I feel a little weird about it, but that's okay. I might need a little few tips from you guys, because most of you are kind of running your home based businesses and stuff, and don't have the office to walk into, so I'm going to look for your domination tips over the next couple months.

CEO Moments - The Power of Self Control

It always feels like it's been so long since I've done one of these. I don't know if it feels the same to you guys, but it does for me. It's like... it's nice to get back to these each time.So, I'm not going to tell you the title of this one yet. I'm kind of going to drop it in a little bit later. So welcome back again to Micro-Moments.

CEO Moments - The Power of Completion

Today's topic is what I'm calling the power of completion. For those of you that were at last week's brokerage meet and I think Jeff even spoke about something similar to this in Brantford, you will remember my coaching moment and it was geared around what the month of January is really all about. How to manage our expectations that we've set coming into this new year and then also how and what items should we be putting out focus on right now through the month of January?

CEO Moments - The Power of Momentum

Momentum is something that we all have, at times, and probably often throughout our lives have felt. Not only when we're in the momentum zone, and things are just rolling, but felt as we're starting to get into it. We could feel that the tides shift, and that there's just something changing that you get a little excited about. Your hard-work, whatever you've been doing is starting to pay off. If you're like me, the excitement starts to build. That's a pretty cool feeling for us all. 

How to Choose Your Next Real Estate Brokerage

What started not long ago as a Team based brokerage , has quickly become a force of change in Canadian Real Estate.

For those who have been with us from the start, THANK YOU ... you are the foundation on which Redline has been built.  

For those who've joined us to make Redline your new home - your trust in our vision and your commitment to living our words “who you work with matters” each and every day means the world to us..

The Power of a Daily Wrap Up

If there's one thing that I see in a lot of Realtors® careers, is they have incredible intentions and they take action.What happens is you see day-to-day they're moving their needle forward. They're making their phone calls. They're getting online leads. They're bringing in new clients and experiences.