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Thrive Not Survive Podcast Episode #42 The Psychology of the Pitch

I had a good chat with one of our agents this past week and we talked about the dreaded close. You know, that conversation at the end of your presentation where you have to ‘ask for the business.’ I am going to start this podcast out by saying that if you have to ask for the business, you’re doing it wrong. I mean, if you have to use old school sales talk and objection handlers you haven’t done your job.

How to Build a Business at Scale Through Systemization - Podcast Ep001

In This Episode: 2:01: What is a system/process? Who is this for? 5:21: Systems + communication - the one-two punch! 8:22: What’s the real benefit of having a system (example)? 9:49: Why most REALTORS are reactive not proactive 11:47: Tools for creating systems and processes in your business 14:38: Best practices for creating systems and processes 17:22: Most important systems and processes in real estate sales 20:57: Simple systems to control your day and week 24:12: Where do you start?