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CEO Moments - Trailblazing Versus the Path Most Traveled

Okay, let's do this. So yeah, good morning. Welcome to today's Micro-Moments, where I'm actually homeless, as far as offices go. I feel a little weird about it, but that's okay. I might need a little few tips from you guys, because most of you are kind of running your home based businesses and stuff, and don't have the office to walk into, so I'm going to look for your domination tips over the next couple months.

CEO Moments - The Power of Momentum

Momentum is something that we all have, at times, and probably often throughout our lives have felt. Not only when we're in the momentum zone, and things are just rolling, but felt as we're starting to get into it. We could feel that the tides shift, and that there's just something changing that you get a little excited about. Your hard-work, whatever you've been doing is starting to pay off. If you're like me, the excitement starts to build. That's a pretty cool feeling for us all. 

The Qualifying Conversation

Have you ever rushed out to show a home to a potential buyer only to have them no show? Have you ever arrived at a come list me call to find out you are actually competing against three other Realtors? Have you ever had a deal collapse when the buyers financing fell through? These and many other hardships in the life of a Realtor can be avoided by getting better (much better) at properly qualifying your opportunities.