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Thrive Not Survive Podcast Episode #38: Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing is what we are talking today. In fact I am going to open up what I have been doing the last couple of months to tweak and improve what we were doing in 2017.

This is something that is vastly overlooked in 2018 as we have been hearing for some time now that email marketing is dead. So if that’s the case tell me how we are generating open rates almost 3 times the average according to numbers from MailChimp. Typically the real estate industry can muster about 15-18% open rates and we are very close to 3X that number.

The Qualifying Conversation

Have you ever rushed out to show a home to a potential buyer only to have them no show? Have you ever arrived at a come list me call to find out you are actually competing against three other Realtors? Have you ever had a deal collapse when the buyers financing fell through? These and many other hardships in the life of a Realtor can be avoided by getting better (much better) at properly qualifying your opportunities.

Touch Point Plan/Sphere Marketing/Why It's Important - The Redlife Podcast Episode 012

I was shocked to know that our touch point plan, when executed properly, can reach our clients up to 45 times per year. We don't want and we don't want our agents to become the statistic that states 88% of people surveyed say they would use the agent that helped them buy their home, to sell their home. Only 11% ever do. Having a follow up plan for your sphere is the most important marketing you will ever do.