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The Qualifying Conversation

Have you ever rushed out to show a home to a potential buyer only to have them no show? Have you ever arrived at a come list me call to find out you are actually competing against three other Realtors? Have you ever had a deal collapse when the buyers financing fell through? These and many other hardships in the life of a Realtor can be avoided by getting better (much better) at properly qualifying your opportunities.

3 Ways New Agents Can Get Started in Real Estate - Podcast Ep005

On today's episode we explore three strategies that all Real Estate Agents should be doing in their business, not just new agents. We go in depth with What an Agent should be looking for in a Brokerage and define what support and full service truly are. We go through low cost strategies to get you up and running right away and not having to wait 6 months for that first deal and lastly we talk about how much you should be reinvesting back into your business and some of the areas that you could reinvest to but also what will get you the best ROI.