MicroMoment Monday: Your Unfair Advantage

MicroMoment Monday: Your Unfair Advantage

Finding Your Unfair Advantage

Today’s topic I’ve title “finding your unfair advantage” and my goal by the end of this is to have each and everyone of you listening to sit back and take 5-15 mins to determine what yours is. To sit and soak on it and get excited about it.   

As like all of these micro moments - they are great when you show up and listen, but they are even better when you don’t just jump right back in your day.  That you shut off the outside world & distractions and take in the message and see how it best applies to you. Write some things down, reflect & then go about your day.

So if you haven’t yet embraced this practice - let’s start today.

Today’s inspiration can about after I had gone through a really busy week coaching a lot of you agents here at the brokerage. As I was doing my own week in review and ensuring all of my my personal action items were put in queue & organized by priority I couldn’t help but think back to many of the conversations I had.

Across the many agents here, there are new agents to the business, there are new agents to redline, there are super experienced agents, team leaders, team agents, agents who are single, agents with kids, agents coupled up, agents from all walks of life…

And something that continued to come up as I coached everyone of them was this idea that because of their situation - they had a very unique opportunity.  

They had an unfair advantage.

The Balance of Life and Business

For those of us that have kids, and have to balance all the kids activities, the pick ups, the drop offs, the weekend hockey games, dance classes, swim lessons, on and on and on...there is many moments as parents we look to the agents in the business without any of these responsibilities.  And we often times say if I only had all the time they did. And we use our list of responsibilities as a crutch and an excuse why we can’t do more.

For those who are new to the business, we are trying to find our way, we look here, we look there, we try this, we try that, we spin our wheels, we copy others efforts, we look for anything that takes hold at all...as new agents we say if “only I had a past client list”, and we use this as a crutch or an excuse.

I could go on.  I could go through each and every scenario that would match up directly with you and a resultant “i wish” scenario, or “if only” scenario that would literally take words out of your mouth.

I know this, cause throughout my entire career I’ve done this and said basically every excuse known to man or woman.

But … as I was coaching everybody in that given week we dug deeper and found why their current scenario was an advantage to them...not a hindrance. Not something that would hold them back - but it was the complete opposite - it was their unique unfair advantage.  It was then built into their little action plan to maximize this advantage at every turn.

For the ones with a zillion kids, and 2 zillion activities to manage around.  What do you think their unfair advantage one (well at least one of them)...

They had developed a highlight organized system to get it all done.  Because they had no choice, they were forced to maximize their time, energy & efforts like nobody’s business.

So if this is you...knowing this skill set you’ve developed - now is the time to ask yourself - how can I put this skill to further use.  Where are the hacks in your schedule that will net you even better yields.

What are Your ‘If-Only’s’?

For those who are single, brand new and craving a big fat list, or craving the fact they had all the experience. The unfair advantages list was huge, things such as:

  • Everything is new & exciting - this in itself fuels us as people & business people (the mundane & the simplest things are firsts for you - and this new shiny feeling is something us old veterans wish we had).  So find ways to use this “energy” & “excitement” to catapult action

  • You are starting fresh.  You have the opportunity to make a first impression with everyone you know or meet.  This is exciting - as the people that meet you or here from you for the first time in awhile have something new to hear.  A new development in your life to talk about. Go use that.

And this list goes on.

So as you hear this...think on this.  Today - as you leave this call this is what I want you to do:

  1. Right down a list of all the “if onlys” or “i wish I had” you find yourself repeating from time and time again as you navigate your career.

  2. Then Flip it - make it into your unfair advantage. The goal here is to flip your mindset from a “pain point” or something that is being used as holding you back into something that fuels you.  

This act is a mental exercise that is super important to take you from a victim mentality to a mentality of control.

When we can think of our businesses this may and our current situation we move from “weakness” to “power”

I’ve done this many times in my career, and everytime I find myself on social media seeing something I envy, or find myself making a judgement saying “well that have blah blah blaH’ I’ve consciously started stopping that self talk right in its tracks.

And do this little exercise - Stop - Pause - FLIP it! And turn the mentality into power & fuel.

So today - as your homework - do yourself this favour.

Make the pause.  Make the list. And if you are open enough make the post here on Workplace and show how you’ve flipped the thought.

If you need help - set an alarm in your phone a set points in the day with what you need.  Such as “my unfair advantage is …. Am I using it today? “

Thanks again everyone for your attention this morning! Always excited to share with you and humbled by the time you give me week in week out.

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