MicroMoment: Momentum and Flow

MicroMoment: Momentum and Flow

How to Stay in Momentum and Flow in Your Real Estate Career

Welcome back and Happy Monday if you are watching LIVE (or watching the replay on a Monday I guess…) I’m excited to talk to you today about one of my favourite subjects momentum and “flow.”

This time of year in our business you are either in one of two camps:

  1. You’ve carried momentum through the holidays, and now you need to keep it going and growing!

  2. You have fallen out of momentum and need to get the machine fired up again.

Today I’m going to cover all of that and more - from both my personal experience in life, business, and sport - and also the latest scientific research on the momentum and flow and how to “hack” our own operating systems to build momentum faster, and stay in the zone for longer, plus increase your capacity to “do” at a higher level - over and over and over.

Let’s do this!

Okay - the best place to start is by answering “What is Flow?” and “What is Momentum?”

In positive psychology, flow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one's sense of space and time.

Psychological momentum (PM) is conceptualized as a perceptual phenomenon that changes human behaviour and performance. It is “experienced as a psychological force in which several factors or qualities converge in a synergistic way to enable one to perform at a level not ordinarily possible.”

Thanks, Wikipedia!

Let me summarize that in regular person speak - flow is that feeling when everything is working and happening, and it feels effortless and automation - everything is more natural, confidence is high - you are not really “thinking” just doing your thing.

And momentum is being to stay in that flow state for more extended periods to basically be able to hover right in the pocket for long periods - whole careers even.

Let’s all agree then… we should actively pursue flow as often as possible in all things - and stay in the momentum as much as possible too.

So The Questions Is….

  • How can we create momentum from nothing?

  • How can we stay in momentum and flow longer? Or better question - what stops momentum and flowit?

  • How do we level up our capacity and continue to grow?

If you are already feeling momentum - you can skip step 1 and focus on keeping going in step 2 and leveling up in step 3.

If you are in need of a boost to get your own momentum going out of thin air - here is the process you need to follow.

The first idea we need to realize is that momentum can be built out of almost nothing. An avalanche in the mountains needs nothing more than a single skier - or even as little as a sound wave to trigger an unstoppable wave of snow that builds and flows down the mountain. As humans, we tend to want to book a big win, or even a series of two to three big victories before we notice a “streak.” I’m going to teach you a mental hack that lets you build momentum out of literally nothing.

Rather than look for a big win - you next sale, passing the test, hitting the goal, etc. - focus on a much smaller, micro-victory to set off your own avalanche. It really doesn’t matter what it is. It could be booking an appointment - or something as little as getting out of bed on time. Just take a second to pause and congratulate yourself and notice the win. Just like that, you have started to activate flow and momentum rather than waiting for it to happen.

What if you can’t even do that? You wake up late - everything is going wrong, you’ve just got fired from your biggest clients? How do you turn it around? The exact same way - stop and find anything positive. Is the sun shining? Do you have the rest of the day off? Does some part of you feel relieved? Great - acknowledge and notice that - and in an instant, you have turned the negative momentum on its head - and your avalanche of winning can start again.

Now that we can create momentum out of nothing and even reverse “slumps” and “losing streaks,” the next skill is to be able to stay in momentum. This is much tougher since the very nature of flow is that if you start to notice it’s happening you start thinking about it which messes it all up. Crazy right?

Here are a few hacks I have found to work at keeping flow and momentum going as long as possible.

Acknowledge and believe in your heart that nobody bats 1000% - losing and setback are part of winning and achievement. Too often we let one little slip up mess up our flow, and it breaks as we start questioning it. If you acknowledge and believe in advance that there will be problems, issues, setback, and small loses en-route to your triumphant finish you won’t let short term problems bump you're out of your long term momentum.

First Momentum Hack: Focus on what’s working and going right - all the time.

Our brain is wired to find problems, issues, threats. Our mind is constantly running “what if” scenarios of what could go wrong. Realize we are biologically wired this way and use it to your advantage - when your “worry” brain starts running wild with fear and doubt - notice it and thank it for showing you things you should be on the lookout for an area of your plan you need to improve.

It’s like negative emotion kung-fu - don’t get lost in worry and stress - Spiderman doesn’t freak out when his spidey-sense tingles - he gets ready to take on the bad guy!

Second Momentum Hack:

Build momentum causing activities into your routines. Start momentum in the morning with easy wins by getting up on time, doing things you enjoy in the morning and eating well. More tactically in sales - build the stuff we know build momentum into your business like always running a coming soon ad, or still sending just sold cards, daily prospecting even if it’s only 15 minutes, setting automatic reminders and messages in the future, etc.

When you think about it - an avalanche only keeps going with the help of gravity… as soon the land levels off, or it goes over a cliff it’s over.

This is a great way to think about momentum and flow too. When you feel like you are in a slump or funk or bad streak - whatever you want to call it - it feels like an impossible climb back up the mountain to get to where you were before. When flow and momentum are happening, it feels like you are running downhill with ease floating almost.

Realize the angle of the hill is all in your mind. If it feels like you are grinding uphill - stop and try around - look for the smaller win, jog downhill for a bit and get some momentum going. When a big hill appears in your path search for a way around rather than just blindly running up and losing your momentum. Once you realize that you are capable of choosing to keep your momentum going or not - it is not an external thing - you now have the power to stay in the zone forever.

So now we can create momentum out of nothing - we can keep the momentum going by staying in our flow state longer and coming back to it with ease. And even if something significant happens that does shake us - we can hit reset and get going again with the smallest of wins.

The final question is - how can we use these tricks to level up our capacity to DO.

I love this idea of the steepness of the hill being our momentum because it really helps visualize this part so well. The only difference between maintenance and acceleration is the steepness of the hill. So rather than stay in momentum we purposely RUN as fast as we can when flow and momentum are on our side.

Quite simply you double, triple, 10x down when you are winning! You overwhelm yourself with projects, constraints, and opportunities - and you realize that once you have embraced the first two steps, you can literally handle anything that life throws at you. When you can create momentum out of nothing, embrace small loses as steps toward big wins, work around issues that stump others, and purposely pile on more than you can handle.

I gotta admit - this step isn’t for everyone - even I don’t like spending all year running downhill, full speed - but it’s great to know that whenever life throws us too much, you have another gear and plenty of gas in the tank.

So here are the Coles notes:

Momentum and flow are real, and we want to experience them as much as possible - for work and life.

Momentum can be created from nothing we all have the power - just pause and acknowledge a win or positive, no matter how small.

Stay in the zone by accepting some loses are part of the process, not the end. Focus on what’s going right and use worry, doubt, and negativity to your advantage. No bad emotions.

Put momentum building activities into your routines to make it automatic.

Control your experience by choosing to track uphill or run downhill - and realize you can run faster than you can even imagine - just trust the process.

Have a fantastic week - get out there and start your own avalanche!

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