MicroMoment: The Power of the New Year

MicroMoment: The Power of the New Year

Kick Start 2019 with Inspiration

I’m excited to be here with you all and to kick off the first moment of 2019!!

If you are at all like me I’m craving getting back to normal.  

Don’t get me wrong the holiday season is like nothing else, but when you love what you do like I do, and we get to impact & help so many people with our craft I can’t but help but want to get back in the groove of it all.

Anybody else with me on that?

As per our new schedule we sent out over the weekend today’s topic is called the

“Power of the New Year”

We’ve been preparing for this for months, maybe even some of us for more than a quarter, or even longer.  I find in life it's really easy to look ahead and say “next year is going to be different”

There is something really freeing about it actually cause it allows us to differ things to a time and place in the future - rather than worrying about it right now.

Cause isn’t it true there is enough to worry about in the present moment...so any chance to differ is a little gift.

Well regardless of whether you found yourself doing this just a little in 2018 or not, we find ourselves here, at that moment we’ve all been waiting for…

So now what.

We’ve got massive excitement.

We are jacked up for the possibilities that lie ahead.

We’ve created our plan.

Maybe we’ve even started working the plan.

Don’t Get Discouraged

There may be some undertones of worry.

There may be some little moments of doubt in whether or not you’ll be able to pull this off.

They creep up just a little don’t they - those pesky little bugger thoughts.

But again…now what…

Well here in lies the great thing about the NEW YEAR & the power that it holds…

Everyone of us is trying something new.  Some of us are making some considerable changes, and some of us are making tweaks to whats already working.

Either way we are all committing to being in control & sticking to the plan we’ve crafted & should be super excited about.

There is something called the “confidence - competence” loop that Brendon Burchard speaks all over the world about.

As we embark on this amazing new year - this big giant blank slate of possibilities in front of us we are putting something new into action.  

With this new action - we gain confidence with every step.

With the action we took, the little burst of confidence we gain we inadvertently develop a little more competence in the task…

Then with that competence we take a little more action, we gain confidence, and thus again the growth & competence grows once again...and on and on and on

This to me is one of the many powers of the new year cause even though the little bit of unrest may creep in, or the little bit of doubt, this plan we’ve created, this new energetic mindset is prime to get us in motion of some kind.

That energy right now far surpasses the little doubt or worry cause it's the start of the year, nothing is going to stop me, and we are in a great mindset right here right now.

See it's’ not always going to be easy but use this energy & this blank slate given to us as a gift to start the confidence - competence loop and watch it take positive effect in our lives.

See the other thing about the new year that is so powerful is this idea of Abundance.

At the beginning of the year we can’t help have this big feeling of conquering the world.  This idea that I can do it all, and I can achieve it all. In other words we have an abundance mindset.

Now, when most of us think about the word Abundance, it's in term of things, material things...wealth & just a glut of stuff.

But this is not at all what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about this idea that there is enough out there for me & my dreams, but for you and your dreams, and for us all & all of our dreams combined.

Possibilites are truly endless & the idea of Abundance and true belief in abundance is something that can fully change the way in which we see the whole.  And ultimately in the way the world sees us.

As we enter this year, your plan is yours 100%.

Your ability to achieve it will be driven by your efforts 100%.

But as we take action & we start the confidence / competence loop my suggestion is not to take this journey alone.

If you believe there is enough out there for all of us…

If you truly believe that…
Also believe that no one person with a big enough dream ever did it alone...ever did it playing the game solo…

When you look back at 2019, the measure in which you judge yourself & your achievements I promise you won’t be by how great you made yourself…

It will be how much impact you made in the world around you.  

How many people you helped.

How many people you made a difference in their situation.

How many people were able to count on you…

On and on…

And this is where community comes in.  Embrace your community.

Take action.

Take big action.

And go get what is yours.

So as I leave you today, remember these 3 things:

  1. Action creates Confidence which creates competence & so the circle continues.

  2. Don’t take this journey along - embrace your community

  3. The power of new year isn’t that we have 365 to hit our goals. It’s that 99% of the people out there won’t use this gift of 365 days to their fullest. Their interest will wane.  Their energy will die off. But those of us moving one confidence - competence loop at a time forward with our community will be the ones standing on top the mountain!

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