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How Heavy Is Your Cup - CEO Moments with Darren Langille

About a week and a half ago I found myself at home going through the dinner time hustle with the kids. I was on my phone and I felt a huge feeling of being out of control.

I was self aware enough that I needed to step away from the situation to get a few things accomplished. There was so much going on in my head that was unresolved - and I was at a point where it was impossible for me to act ‘normal’ around my family - I had to step away and get something out of my head and into my notes.

The Twelve Week Year

So it's that time of year now where we start talking about an annual business plan.It's very typical. The annual business plan is fantastic in the sense that those people that plan out their business and actually get into the place of writing something down, they're gonna do a lot better in achieving their goals than if somebody just left it up in their mind.