BoomTown Training Videos

BoomTown Training Videos

Full BoomTown Platform Training Webinar

In this video I go through every aspect of the BoomTown platform that you will need to know.

Down below the video, I have broken out 6 different areas within the platform that are covered in the video, down into text.

If you have any questions around the BoomTown platform, please email me:

Your Dashboard & Getting Set Up


Dashboard Setup

Welcome to BoomTown Training Video 1: Your Dashboard and Settings, in this video I am going to show you how to:

  1. Complete your profile

  2. Set up your BoomTown number and other integrations

Go to the top right hand corner and click on where your profile would be then scroll down and click ‘My Profile’.

You should see this page now and I need you to start rolling through and adding all of the pertinent information like:

  • Add your professional headshot

  • Your agent MLS and brokerage MLS which will be your broker’s MLS ID. Here in Calgary you can see that it is cturnebr.

  • Your First and last name should already be in there

  • Add in all phone numbers you’d like advertised on your personal livelovecalgary site

  • Your title

  • You can use the tag line Who You Work With Matters

  • Most importantly, you will need to have a bio in this box otherwise your personal livelovecalgary site will have a big blank space on it. Try to make it as personal as you can as well as including something about your business and your USP.

  • Your signature should auto-populate in that box. If it doesn’t you can use this one as a template

BoomTown Number and Other Integrations

Go back to the right side and click on your profile picture, scroll down and click on Integrations.

  • Click on Setup beside BoomTown number.

  • Scroll down and find your name and click on Get My Number.

  • It will ask you to select an area code. In Alberta you will likely have to use 587 if you are in another jurisdiction, try the area code that is prevalent in your area.

  • It will give you a number and then ask you to add your personal cell number as a routing number

  • Next, click on Enable Text message notifications and then add the 10 digit code that gets sent to you to enable text to come direct to your phone when a lead texts your BoomTown Number.

  • If you have a BombBomb account you can follow the steps after you click on Connect


Walking Through the Lead File

Data Around Your Newest Lead

Welcome to Video number 2 in your Boomtown training, in this video I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Understand all the information about your lead and their search habits

  2. Send an email, a text and set a to-do

  3. Why it’s important to keep an eye on Favorite listings

Lead Information:

  • As you can see this lead has been on our site 2048 times, searched out over 4000 properties and has 37 favorites.
  • We can see their search habits in this pie chart which breaks down their searches into type, style, number of bedrooms, neighbourhoods and areas.

  • We can see when they last looked at properties and how many

  • We can see the e-alerts that are set up for them either by us or by them or by the system. If an eAlert isn’t set up within 18 hours, the system will have a look at their search habits and set up an eAlert based on that data. We can also see if they are opening the searches we are sending them. If they aren’t opening them, it would be good to make a call and see if you can make some changes.

  • You can see the to-do you have set for this lead.

  • You can see every piece of communication that you have had with this lead here on the left side.

  • You can also see all of your to-dos by clicking on the check mark at the top right hand side of the page. The agents that use this CRM successfully come here first before anywhere else and start working through their to-do’s before they begin any new prospecting.

Logging a call, Sending an email, a text and setting a to-do

  • If you have a drip campaign set up for your lead it is very important to log every call. Once a call is logged, depending on the parameters you have set up in the email drip campaign, the drip will pause, which is a good thing.

  • Logging your calls will also help to keep you organized in how many call attempts have been made along with how many times you’ve talked to the lead and the notes of that call are also there if you take them down.

  • Sending an email is very easy, just click on the mail button icon and it will open up the email platform.

  • You can type out your email, use merge tags to make things easier and even input listings into the body of the email by clicking on Insert Listing and then adding the MLS number and changing the text to reflect what you want the hyperlinked text to read, mostly the property address.

  • Your signature should already be populated

  • Click send to send the email and it will be recorded back on the profile page of the lead where the email will be tracked when it is opened and you will be notified

  • Sending a text is easy as well, click on the tab next to the mail icon and you can begin typing out your text message to your lead. It will come from your BoomTown number. If they respond and you have watched the first video, that text will come straight to your cell number.

Favorite Listings

Checking in periodically on your clients favorites gives you a great opportunity to pick up the phone and make a call to your client to see if they are interested in having a look at a property.

You can see when they originally viewed the property, when they favorited it and if they have calculated a mortgage on the home.


BoomTown Training Video 3: How to Add an E-Alert


E-Alerts: What Are They and How do They Help Me?

Welcome to Video number 3 in your Boomtown training, in this video I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Add an E-Alert to your leads profile

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. You can allow the system to read the search history of your lead and create a system generated e-alert.

  2. You can create a blank e-alert and start from scratch

  3. You can click on Search History and create an e-alert from their search history

When you click on system e-alert it will take in all of the information that the system has access to and create an e-alert based on your lead’s total history of searching for a home on this site.

It can wind up being quite a wide ranging search if your lead has been looking in multiple areas at multiple price points at a number of different types of properties.

The blank e-alert allows you to start from scratch, you can select the neighbourhood, property type, the price point, number of bedrooms & square footage are the ones I would choose from this part.

Skip Property and Community Features and go down to Exterior Features. I would select only one item from this list, garage and would then go to basement development on interior features. The next section is where I would add the style of home.

Don’t worry about view, waterfront or keywords and go down to e-alert type and select buyer, and then put the email subject line that reflects the kind of search, ie. Homes for Sale in NW Calgary.

Select how often you want listings sent, if you have someone that isn’t super serious yet don’t set them up on a daily search, maybe start with weekly. If you have someone that is a hot lead, I would add them to instantly.


How to Add a Drip Campaign

What is a Drip Campaign?

Welcome to Video number 4 in your Boomtown training, in this video I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Determine the difference between an email drip and a To-Do campaign

  2. Import campaigns from other BoomTown Owners

  3. Create your own campaign

Over on the left side in the menu bar click on Marketing and click on Sharing Library. This part of BoomTown shows you all of the different drip campaigns that are made available to us by other BoomTown owners.

On the right side, you can preview the campaign to see if it matches what you want to implement into your business. If it looks good, you can then import the campaign by clicking import.

The difference between an email drip and a to-do campaign is the email only drips are just that, a series of emails that are sent at intervals that you specify.

The to-do campaign could have a series of emails, text messages and different kinds of follow up with respect to the lead.

All campaigns are ranked on a relevancy score which is determined by open rates of the emails sent out of the campaign, the higher the score, the higher the open rates. These numbers can be skewed though as some of these campaigns may have only 1 or 2 emails in them.

Once imported you can:

  1. Change the name of the campaign

  2. Determine if it is for a buyer or seller

  3. Set event triggers

  4. Describe the campaign and then decide whether you want to share the plan or keep it private only to you

  5. Next you can go through and change up the emails content by clicking expand, change the frequency that these emails are being sent, and set up a rule on each of the emails, texts or to-dos. It’s like an If This then That type of system.

  6. Lastly you can determine if you want the campaign to auto start once it hits a certain category and once the campaign ends it will automatically move them to the category you specify.

To create your own plan you would go back to the left side bar and click on marketing and then Smart Drip Plans.

You click on the Create a new plan hyperlink at the top left of the page and start working through the steps.

I suggest you import a plan first and get familiar with how things work before you go on your own and try to build out your own campaign.


Text & Email Templates and How to Use Them


How to Set up Text & Email Templates

Welcome to Video number 5 in your Boomtown training, in this video I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Set up an email template

  2. Set up a text template

  3. How to send them both

On the left hand side bar click Marketing and then Email Templates. At the top of the page, click on Create new template.

You have to name the template so if it is for a first time registration add Email for First Registration.

Add the subject line and then you are ready to add the body of the email. You can use merge tags or what are referred to in BoomTown as Template text, to make it seem like you are sending the email personally at that specific time.

An example would be to start the email with Hey {VisitorFirstName} Good {TimeofDay} or {DayofWeek}, these tags will pull in the time of day you are sending the email and on which day of  the week you are sending it.

Once you are satisfied with the template you can save it and use it when a new lead registers on your website.

Texting templates are very similar, marketing tab on the left, click on Text templates. Top right corner is the button to Create a New Template. You can use merge tags in here as well. The big difference between email and text is the length of the content. Keep your texting content short, concise and to the point.

Sending an email now becomes very easy, click on the lead you want to send an email to, click on the email icon and then click on the drop down box that says message templates. Find the template you want to send and click on it and then hit send.

Texting is the same way, go through the same steps only this time click on the phone icon next to the mail icon, find the text template, click and send.


The Opportunity Wall & Best Fit Leads


What is the Opportunity Wall and Best Fit Leads?

Welcome to Video number 6 in your Boomtown training, in this video I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Use the Opportunity to Wall to stay in touch with your most recent visitors

  2. Filter out leads that are searching for specific properties in specific areas, best used when going on a listing appointment.

The Opportunity Wall is on the top right hand side of the page titled NOW. Click on that and a side bar will open up which will show you who has been most active in their search.

If someone is on the site it will show in green On Site, this is a great opportunity (hence the name) to reach out to that lead or client. It will show you all of the properties that have have favorited as well as all of the communication you’ve had with the client including the most recent and lastly the pie chart from video 1 that we talked about.

When used properly, the Opportunity Wall should be creating opportunities for you to reach out to your leads and clients on a daily basis. If you go back to video 2 when we talked about working through your to-dos first, this is the second thing you should be hitting prior to prospecting for new business.

Best Fit Leads can be a powerful tool mainly for showing the potential listing client how many people you have in your database that are looking specifically in their area.

  1. On the left side click on the small arrow beside the main menu.

  2. Type in the property area

  3. Filter out by category

  4. Click on Advanced Lead Filters

  5. Scroll down to price point and add

  6. Include the Property type

This will give you the number of people you have in your database that are looking for this kind of home in the area that you are taking the listing in.

You can also use this feature, if you are using all the functionality of the CRM, to find client anniversary dates from when they took possession of their home which would give you an opportunity to reach out to them and offer your congratulations again.

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