The Redline Value Add System: A Client Touch Point Plan

The Redline Value Add System: A Client Touch Point Plan

Client Value Add System

In this post I am going to breakdown a value added system that you should be deploying into your business right away.

There are many different ways to add value to our client base, however, what we need to do is put ourselves in our clients shoes and ask the question: Would I open this email? Would I open this newsletter? Would I take your phone call?

The reason we ask these questions is to determine if we would answer yes or no. If we would answer no, then you know that your content and the value you are adding to your sphere needs work.

Here are the different ways in which you should be touching your clients every month or quarter.

Email Marketing

As you know, we take care of a bi-monthly email that goes out to your sphere of influence. The topics include, at the beginning of the month, a market report that is video based with some detailed data that systems we employ can’t quite cover.

The second email that goes out it part of our Redlife video series which includes highlighting certain neighbourhoods and businesses within your town or city.

These two emails result in 24 touches to your sphere on a yearly basis, this number is important as I will point out to you down below.

As part of your email marketing plan, you should have everyone of your clients set up on a monthly market report of some kind. You could use Prospects or Top Producer for this as they both put out a pretty detailed report and it is automated so you don’t have to send it manually.

With just your email marketing, you will be up to 36 touches in a year, which means you will have communicated something of value to your clients 3 times per month. So long as they perceive value, they will continue to open the emails that get sent to them.

Send Out Cards

This is a great program that is automated and allows a system to send cards to your clients over the course of two years, once per quarter.

On their 1 year anniversary, they get a special gift along with the biggest card you will ever see.

There is a cost to this program, so make sure to ask our admin about it.

This system will give you 4 more touches per year over the course of two years.

Print Mail Marketing

Some have said that snail mail marketing is dead, print mail is dead.

I would suggest you record how you feel the next time you go to the mailbox and you get something that is addressed to you, that isn’t a bill.

Once you’ve done that, come back and tell me that print mail marketing is a dead horse.

There are a couple of examples that I will cite here that will give you upwards of 2-12 more touches in the span of the next 12 months.

Beginning and End of Year Check Up

This is a program that is intense in its setup and the amount of work that is required, but well worth the effort.

Take the 5 most recent sales on your clients street or neighbourhood along with a couple of active properties and send with a letter with a breakdown of what they are looking at.

The letter should consist of nothing more than:

  • An introduction and reminder of their anniversary
  • A quick intro of what they are looking at
  • Why you are sending this to them and how often they can expect it
  • A close for an appointment to meet in person
  • Salutation

This package is meant to be sent out at the beginning of the year and or at the end of the year. If you wish to get more detailed around this, then look at the next section with an explanation of the 5 minute CMA.

This system could give you 1-2 more touches in your plan.

The Five Minute CMA

This is a program, if deployed properly, that can yield multiple listings for you in your business. The premise is that you want to add value to your client by sitting down with them and showing them the value of their home. Likely their largest asset.

This is a consultation meeting more than a market evaluation meeting. If you have a financial advisor then you have a level of understanding here. A financial advisor will sit with you 2-5 times per year to go over the performance of your investments and suggest adjustments be made so as to maximize your investment.

This is where you take your business from that of a salesperson to that of a trusted advisor. The title sounds salesy, but the idea behind it is not, anything but.

This is an opportunity to call your client base on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis to get in front of them and show them how the value of their home has performed over the time that they have been in the home.

You can either mail this as a package or you can meet with your client in person.

The 5 Minute CMA can give you 1 more touch as part of your plan.

Sitcom Based Newsletter

Do not subscribe to Morris Marketing or some other company that writes generic content that have nothing to do with your clients.

If you are going to do a newsletter here are my suggestions:

  • Learn how to write. If you are a horrible writer and your grammar and spelling are way off, then you need to practice and get better. There are many resources online that will teach you how to write good copy. I suggest looking up Dan Kennedy first.
  • Decide on the layout. Newspapers and magazines don’t just stick articles into their publications where they feel like it. There is strategy around all of that. Ensure that the layout of your newsletter is consistent and has sections that your clients will appreciate. Noone knows your client base better than you.
  • Write from the heart. Don’t be afraid to get personal. The basis for this newsletter should be around the idea of a sitcom. Each edition is going to have some kind of new problem, or issue, or situation in your life and you are going to show how you were able to solve it. People still love to read, learn to tell a good story and your content will have your clients asking for more if you miss a month.

The newsletter could potentially add 12 more touches to your sphere over the course of a year.

Podcast, Video Blog, Written Blog

Just because Redline has the Done 4 You marketing system with the bi-weekly emails, offers Send Out Cards automation and you have the Market Report all set up, doesn’t mean you should just sit back and do nothing else.

Podcasting, video and written blogs are still great ways for you to stay in contact with your clients. If you are interested in dedicating the time to anyone of these mediums, then you can send out this content to your clients every time you upload something.

This could potentially give you 4 more touches as part of your plan.


If you look to add up the potential for keeping in front of your clients this is what you would have:

Bi-Monthly Emails: 24/year

Send Out Cards: 4/year

The Check Up: 2/year

5 Minute CMA: 1/year

Sit-Com Based Newsletter: 12/year

Other Media: 12-48/year

If you don’t do the other media but deploy the sitcom based newsletter, then you are looking at a total of 43 touches to your client base every year. Even without the newsletter you are looking at 31 touches per year.

The value that you bring to your clients will be consumed regularly, but remember to stop and have a look at the content you are delivering and remember to ask yourself those questions from above.

If you answered no to any of them, it might be time to have a look at what you are doing and make some adjustments.

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